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I have surived the first year of being a mom of two

Tuesday was Alby’s first birthday so that means that I have survived a year of being a mom of two . Both kids are still in one piece and are happy and healthy. So I take that as a win we must be doing something right. Being a parent to two children is hard work, anyone that says it’s easy is lying to you. Going from one to two is hard. There are some things that I have come to realise over the last year. If you’re a parent of two can you relate to any of them.

Sleep is a thing of the past

Sleep doesn’t really happen much in our house anymore. Ava still doesn’t sleep through the night every night. Which normally results in her coming into our bed during the night. This I can deal with as she literally wakes up gets into bed with us and goes straight back off. Alby isn’t as easy as this. Alby was an amazing sleeper as a baby he would wake for a bottle, then as soon as he was done with it he would go straight to sleep. Then he hit around 6 months old and he decided he would wake more than he ever has done and takes ages to settle again. Alby crying in the night is one of the reason why Ava still wakes. As he wakes her up and she starts to worry about him. So im going from room to room trying to settle both of them. Or they both end up in my bed leaving very little room for me and Jordan.

My first year as a mom of two means no sleep

A good night for me now is where I get around 4 hours in interrupted sleep. I can now function pretty well on little sleep also. Which before having kids if I didn’t have a good 8 hours sleep then I was no use to anyone.

If your reading this and your pregnant with your first child. When people say you need to sleep when the baby does take full advantage of this and do it the housework can wait. When you have two kids the likelihood of them having a nap at the same time is virtually impossible. Or if they are like Ava they will stop having naps as soon as you have your second one. So now you’re not able to have a cheeky day nap. Instead your watching Mr Tumble on repeat.

Girls are so much easier than boys when they are little

I really took for granted how easy Ava was as a baby. She just got on with things played with her toys and only came to me when she wanted food or something to drink. Alby how ever wants to be on me all the time. He just wants so much love and cuddle. which is lovely but it does get tiring. ;

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