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Taking the jump to self hosted domain

I have only been blogging now for nearly two months but whilst looking at other people’s blogs I could see that mine just wasn’t up to scratch !!. This got me thinking I’m sure that I could go self hosted !! ( this was a scary unknown territory for me and I really didn’t know what to do but with help and support from members of the UK parent bloggers Facebook group I took the jump).

I purchased my Domain from 123 Reg this was simple and easy and a lot cheaper than I was expecting. So I had got the domain what did I need to do next ??.

I had been advised to get a hosting platform and many people suggested TSOhost. So I had a look around their site and found it really user friendly, I paid my years subscription and was on my way !. The team were really helpful answering any question I had no matter how silly it was. They even did a free migration from my old blog to this domain which was ace meaning I didn’t loose any of the previous blogs I had done ( thank god the thought of ditching them or re-writing them made me want to sob!).

So now I am at the point where I have made my website look pretty as I call it messing around with different themes ( omg there are millions it took me forever !!) and with the help of Jordan I have a new image for my website which I love. It is a picture of a place where we used to take our puppy Milo so means a lot to me.

I’m sure that in a few more months I may change it again as I get the grips with all the different plugins and editor options , but for now I am a little proud of it and feeling a little bit more professional like I’m taking this seriously.



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