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Do we need to teach our children to share all the time ? 

Yesterday I went to play group with Ava and I was watching some of the other parents and children interacting. The amount of times I heard parents say you need to share was untrue, but do children need to share all the time.

From a young age we as parents try to install certain traits that society deems as acceptable. The main one is that we should share with others. I understand the concept of sharing and most of the time I think yes we do need to teach our children to share but not all of the time.

As we get into adult life we don’t share our things really. How many of you have siblings and don’t like them touching you things. If they were to touch them it would end up in a massive argument. Did your parents tell you to share then.More than likely not they would tell you to give it them back.

Just image you were at work and someone came over to you and tried to take your belongings or something you were using. Would you let them Just take it because we must share our things or would you be like what the hell are you doing. My bet is it’s the later. Most of the time we tell our children to share is when someone comes and takes something off them.

What about if your child is playing with the building blocks and needs all the blocks they have to make their creation. Someone coming over and taking some of the blocks would mean they couldn’t do what they had planned and more than like make them sad/angry. So in a case like this I don’t think that child should have to share.

Teach children to share

I think it’s a more important lesson to teach children that we cannot always have what we want. As most of you will know growing up you will learn that many a times. So why not teach this to children from a young age. But if they wait long enough then good things will come.

I’m not saying I’m not going to teach Ava to share .I’m saying their is a time and a place and It doesn’t have to be all the time. If she is playing with something then she doesn’t have to hand it over just because someone else wants it.

What do you think ?

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