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Teething problems !! – possible solutions

We have been thinking this week that maybe Ava is teething. As we have had horrible nappies, she is chomping on everything and nice rosy cheeks.A lot of people keep telling me she is too young to be teething. As she is only 11 weeks old .( bet they don’t know some children can be born with teeth !! Ouch ! )

So I thought I would look into different ways to help sooth her gums if she starts to be in pain with them ( No harm in being prepared! ). When looking on the internet I came across some strange and odd ways. To help sooth their gums, so I thought I would make a short list of my favourites. The ones I think may work ( I mean I don’t know for sure this is going to be trail and error but at least knowing my options I will be prepared)

when your baby starts teething

Cold- the most popular thing seems to be the good old-fashioned teething ring placed in the fridge. So that it is nice and cool on their gums, it does say and also states on the packaging of the teething rings we have got. Not to put them in the freezer. As this can damage their gums ( I never knew this so glad I did this blog !).

Pressure- Some babies gums can be soothed by applying a small amount of pressure on them. This can be done by placing a clean finger on their gums. If they have rejected the cold teething ring then maybe one at room temperature may be nice for them .Just to chomp on applying pressure to their gums. you can also buy some fab teething jewellery for your little one to chomp on.

teething necklace from Boobie beads

Medicines- As I started to look more into it I didn’t realise how many different powders, gels and medicines there are for littles ones on the market. Me personally would rather try everything else before using medicine.I have seen it loads whilst working in a nursery parents giving Calpol for everything cannot be good for them !.

Amber teething beads: So this is the route I found to be the most interesting and I know lots of people swear by these. So the other week I did go buy some for Ava and she has been wearing them ever since. They say that the Amber stone has a healing property to it. It is suggested that as your little ones skin warms the stone the natural oils are absorbed into their skin and then into their bloodstream.

Amber teething

So we will see through the Teething journey which one of these works for Ava , it may even be none of these and may come across some new ways of helping her. We may even be lucky and have no problems with her !!( yes right ).

If your wanting to use more natural teething remedies I suggest you take a look at Emma Reeds post. She has some fantastic natural remedies including Teething biscuits and reflexology !

If anyone has any other ways to help teething I would love to know   🙂

Having a baby that is teething is hard work . Here are some easy and simple wyas you can help soothe their pain #teething #painrelief #parenting #babies

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