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The cost of having a baby 

When I was pregnant I remember looking  through the Internet to see how much having a baby would cost us . I found that it was suggested you needed £5,500 pounds in the bank , before you should think about having a baby. Which we didn’t have and if I’m honest I don’t know many people that do .

This did start to stress me out a little as I wanted the best for our new arrival and was we going to be able to afford it !.

When we started to buy things for our new arrival we found that family wanted to help us . My parents had said all along that they wanted to buy our first push chair  . If you have ever brought on of them travel systems you will understand that they can be very expensive .

We did have a little nest egg that Jordan had worked hard to save so we were able to buy her bedroom things .

I did find that buying something every month made it so much easier and without realising we hard loads of clothes ,bottles,nappies,wipes and much more !.


Some of the best presents you get from people when you new arrival comes will be the everyday things that you just take for granted . Jordan’s mom brought us lots of bath stuff,nail clippers and sponges . Well we are 6 months in and I still haven’t brought any bath stuff !.

If your anything like us you will have fab friends that will be more than happy to either lend you things or give you to keep. We were given things like gro egg , Moses basket stand and baby carrier , which we are so grateful for and have even passed the stand on for someone els to use .

So my advice is don’t worry about the money you will find it . If you wait till you have got that £5500 in the bank you will more than likely never have a baby. Don’t compare yourself to other parents you know buy within your budget .


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