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The family wedding 

Yesterday was Jordan’s Aunties wedding . I had been planning what I was going to wear for ages now and had Ava’s dress for the occasion even before she was born ( now that’s organised !!)

It’s mad to think before we had Ava i would take my time getting ready doing my hair and makeup. But now I’m a mommy I was in and out the shower , dressed and ready in half an hour !! . At this point I was a hot sweaty mess so thankfully Jordan got Ava ready for me .

I was a little apprehensive about the wedding as many of the family members hadn’t seen Ava . As much as I am happy for people to have a cuddle I didn’t want her to be pass the parcel (poor little thing getting passed to people she didn’t even know , well this wasn’t going to happen !!).Also the wedding wasn’t till 5 on the evening so just had an image of her screaming through it because she was tired.

The ceremony was lovely and very handy our pushchair was the same purple as the wedding colour scheme so it didn’t look out of place . Jordan’s auntie looked lovely and there were many tears of happiness in the room . Ava even decided to start chattering through the ceramony obviously telling us what she thought ! .

After the ceremony we went outside for picture at this point Ava had started to flake so on many of the photos she is wrapped in her blanket with her dummy in !. 🙈

All in all we did well Ava didn’t cry ( unless it was at men as she seems to be doing this at the moment ) and I didn’t feel uncomfortable that people were going to take my little girl away from me to parade around with passing her from person to person.

We did sadly have to leave before the food came out as Ava is such a routine baby and just wanted her bed . This I suppose is the kind of thing that you have to expect when becoming a parent that you won’t be danicing the night away .

Thankfully she waited till she got in the car to do the world biggest poo I mean it was under her armpits how on earth she managed that I will never know.

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