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The new born photo shoot !!

We are very lucky to know such an amazing photographer so as soon as our little princess was born I knew I wanted Mel to take her photos .

The day of the photo shoot came and I was a little nervous about having my picture taken . I hadn’t got used to this new mommy body yet and was finding it hard to come to terms with that fact that I now have wobbly bits .( before being pregnant I was a nice size 8 ! Hadn’t seen them size 8 jeans since 12 weeks pregnant !!). The other thing is I’m rubbish at having my photo taken It takes forever to get one thats okay but Jord ,he can just stand there doing nothing and he would take a good picture 😡.
Mel asked us to give Ava a warm bottle to make her all sleepy so that she could move her in to all these different positions . Did that work ? Did it heck! Ava was wide awake looking at what was going on this proved to make taking the photos very difficult.Most of them she would either move out of position or look cross eyed because of looking at the flash on the camera ! .

The most embarrassing part of all was when Mel but Ava into this beautiful knitted outfit which Ava obviously didn’t want on so she pooed in it !! . Now baby poo is not the nicest thing and it was all over this beautiful outfit . Then shortly after doing this she found it even more of a good idea to wee down me whilst having a picture taken ! . Think she was trying to tell me she had had enough and wanted to go home 😂
Despite all of that the pictures are beautiful of my little princess couldn’t of asked for better , suppose the pictures of me were okay too. Once I get my bum into gear and actually order them will see if Mel doesn’t mind me adding one to the blog 😊.

*** update I ordered them and so happy take a look **


When you think of a newborn photo shoot you think of cute baby pictures . Well to get these pictures takes a look including doing a wee all over mommy #newborn #newbornphotography #newbornphotoshoot #withparents #whatnottodo #natural #poses #parenting #memories #creative #withmom

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