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The things you do when your parents

So as I’m lying in my daughters cot trying to get her to sleep: I started to think about all the things us parents do . That people without children may think are totally bonkers, and to be honest they would probably be right for think that .

Sleep time can be a right nightmare and you will do anything for them to sleep . Even if it does mean getting in to the cot . Then comes the ninja moves to try an get out without waking them up. All parents have done the army crawl along the floor once they are asleep. Just incase they wake up they won’t be able to make eye contact . You know though your last step will result in a floor board creaking and you have to start to process again.

Why is it you will be out and all of a sudden you can smell poo . So instead of being normal and taking a look at said Childs nappy . You lift them to your nose and smell. Fully knowing It’s not going to smell like Roses .

Shopping can be hell as they grow older . They want everything in sight , for a while you tell them no they aren’t allowed anything . Then the screams start whilst in the middle of Tesco and you cannot get something off the shelf quick enough . To stop the screaming match and to stop people look at you like your a bad parent .

Can someone tell me why when a dummy is dropped do we put it in our mouth and give It back to them . Because obviously my mouth is super clean !. Or instead of getting a baby wipe out the bag you lick your thumb and wipe the remains of their lunch off their lunch of their face. I mean why do we do this it’s vile.

Then there is this beauty children’s television. To keep the peace I will watch endless paw patrol episodes . If I dare to turn it off even if she isn’t watching it . Well it’s not worth it let’s put it that way.

I suppose you may say for most of it I will do anything for an easy life . Yes this would be true it’s hard work being a parent . Why wouldn’t I want to make my life easier !

Some of you may say I’m making a rod for my own back and spoiling her . My answer to you is that I don’t care she is my little baby and I would do anything for her . When it comes to the right time yes boundaries will be put into place .

when your a parent you do some strange things and all to either make life eaiser or to please your kids . Here are some of the things i have found myself doing


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