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Tips and tricks for getting stains out of your children’s clothes 

Since being a parent I have learnt so much  one thing being I’m rubbish at getting stains out of clothes !. Both me and Jordan very rarely  wear light coloured clothing and don’t really get stains on our clothes . So since becoming a mom and having to clean all sorts of things out of Ava’s clothes . I have realised I’m not that good at getting them stain free . I have even been known to just throw her vests away as I know I won’t be able to do it !( very wasteful I know !)

So after spending nearly an hour last night trying to get some stains out of her clothes . I asked some fellow parent bloggers for their  tips and tricks . In the hope they can help me one save her clothes and two save me money !

I found many people used sunlight to help banish stains.

I find sunlight the best thing to naturally bleach stains. Not much good at this time of year though, sorry. My Mummy’s Pennies 

Hang clothes in the sun! It is unbelievable! Chocolate and wine & I’ll be fine

Many say that just generally putting the clothes outdoor will work a treat.

removing stains
If there is no sun, try rain!! Also works a treat! Yummy blogger 

Sunshine is amazing and like others have said, just leaving them outside rain or shine does the trick!! Never wash on hot straight away as it embeds it further but a cold rinse is fine  what Katy said 

It doesn’t need to be sunlight. In the cloth nappy community it’s quite well known that hanging items with stains on outside, even during the night and in the rain, works wonders. This time of year you might need to leave them out for a few days though. Mami to Five

Some go down the routes of using detergents or stain removers.

Put neat bio detergent on them and leave it to soak, works a treat! Hello baby blog

Supermarket own brand of vanish – and again sunshine when possible 🙂If you can wash as soon after the stain is made it often comes out easier than when it’s days old. Han plans 

I leave them to soak for 20 minutes in boiling hot (from the kettle) water with stain remover before popping them in with another scoop of stain remover and then hope and pray whatever it is comes out! Mostly it does!confessions of a new mummy 

removing stains
I soak the stain in washing up liquid for a few minutes, then chuck in the machine with the other clothes and wash as normal. 90% of the time it works. Hetic diabetic 

Soak overnight in Napisan. Then wash as normal. It’s what we used for cotton nappy washing, kept them white and bright without bleach and safe for delicate skin. Tattooed mummy 

Wash with vanish gold and then lie them on the grass outside. Obv this works better when it’s warm and dry but natural sunlight illuminates childhood stains! Rock and roll pussycat 

I find keeping the stain wet so it doesn’t get the chance to set, original washing up liquid and sunlight the best for most stains. Even in the winter, if you can pop the stained item on a window sill for a few days it can work like magic! We used to always have rows of bibs on our window sills!!  Cake Escapes

Before I put it in the wash I give it a good scrub with stain remover and then pop it in the wash. Just motherhood

Cold water, rub in some washing up liquid and leave to soak. If the stain hasn’t lifted then I hang in the sun – works every time! Emily and Indiana 

I use a cheap stain removal bar from Asda for £1 and I scrub the stain with a brush that I’ve covered in soap and then leave them to steep before washing. Works a treat! Fab Fat mama 

I’ve found hand sanitiser is fab for getting out tough stains!! Five little doves 

 I put stain remover on that night rather than wait until I wash (who waits with kids 🙄) but that way, if you don’t put a wash on until the next day, it’s had time to soak.On the farm they have overalls it’s the only way to keep their clothes clean(er) *i have also been known to try carpet stain remover on clothes. I find it a bit stronger 😂😂 Farmers wife and mummy 
Oh yes I can relate to that last one using anything in sight in the hope it will get spaghetti bolognaise out of her new cream dress !!

I think there are some great tips and ultimately I think I need to be more organised and attack the stain when it first appears . I like the though of sunshine as it’s simple and easy !

What have you found best for removing stains out of clothes ?

childrens clothes are magnets for stains that are normally hard to get out. Here are some simple and easy ways to remove stains #stains #stainremover #parenting #children


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