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Today we got messy

We are really lucky that just down the road from our house is an arts and crafts shop that offers a place for you to take your children to get creative. You can do anything from sticking and painting at your table to pottery.

A plus side of Codsall Hive is the yummy food and drink they have to offer, making it a perfect place to come and meet your friends and also entertain the kids ( bonus !).

Today me and my friend did the mid-week messy canvas painting, for the small price of £10 you are given a canvas for your child to mark make on and a wide range of tools and paints to use. The staff at the Hive had already put Ava’s name on the canvas in see through lettering , that could be pulled off once you had done your painting on it. Leaving your name clear around your child’s painting ( its just too cute).

Me and Ava had only done painting once at home before making cards for mothers day so I wasn’t too sure how well she was going to get on with it. She absolutely loved it feeling the paint all over her body, (  her little friend literally swam in the paint !!). She was given sponges and paintbrushes to explore to which really tasted nice !!. Luckily it was bath night for us so I just wiped her over but they offered baby baths if needed which is ace if you need to go somewhere afterwards. ( Not that I would wanna walk down the street in the mess that I got in , I may have had more paint on me than on the canvas).

The best thing about it all is that we now have a beautiful keep sake . We will defiantly be going back again to do some of the other sensory classes that they run !!. so keep an eye out for what we get up to next at Codsall Hive.


  • Laura: Adventures with J

    What a lovely idea! It is my mums 60th this year and I love the idea of J making her a keepsake canvas. I wish I had a cafe like this near me especially since they are so thoughtful. Thanks for sharing it with me 🙂

    • admin

      It’s a fab present idea it’s so easy to do by yourself you can get canvas in most pound shops and paint also let me know how you get on

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