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Nap time is now non existent .This means toddler tears and tantrums

When I was pregnant I dreamt of having two children having naps at the same time . Maybe an hour a day where I could have some peace and watch rubbish telly . Or even have a nap myself. How silly I was to think like this !

Before Alby came along Ava would have a good hour nap some days she would stretch it to two hours . It was blissful it didn’t happen every day but when it did I loved it . Then just like that she stopped . It was as if someone had turned a switch off inside of her . One which I wished they hadn’t of touched.

The problem is she still needs a nap . Maybe not the two hours she used to have but a 30 minuets nap can make the world of difference. I’m now finding myself going out to places earlier than I wanted to in the hope she will sleep in the car. Because I know if she doesn’t have a little sleep then she will be hellish later on in the day.


The one thing that really does wind me up is . If she is with anyone else she will have a nap . Especially if she’s with my mom she will have a good nap . This is probably because my mom walks for miles with Ava . So the fresh air tires her out and she has a good snooze in her pushchair. My mom can even get the pushchair into the house and she still won’t wake up . I tried it once and it failed . I got Alby in the carrier , Ava in the pushchair and even took the dog with us . I was walking for about 3/4 of an hour. The last 20 mins or so she fell asleep so I thought I would make my way home . I put my key in the door and she wakes up !

The thing is Ava still needs her naps . I forget sometimes how little she still is but when she is tired she really shows her age . We get massive toddler tantrums that have recently involved kicking and throwing things. Or she just gets up to mischief.

dropping the nap

Or like today I was feeding Alby looked into the kitchen and she has poured the dog water bowl over the floor and is splashing in it ! I then have to decide if I deal with her and the water mess or carry on feeding Alby. I picked the later as a hungry Alby isn’t a nice one to be around.

The thing is she knows that I cannot do much about it . Yes I told her off but she just thought it was just too funny. Then carried on doing what she was doing.

You would have thought me trying to get her to have a nap was a form of torture. She will do anything and everything not to have a nap . I don’t see this changing anytime soon . So I guess I will be clocking up the miles in my car making my journeys longer than they need to be . Just so she has a nap.

How did you cope when your little one dropped their nap ? where they ready or like Ava did they still need them ?

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