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Top trends for Girls’ party dresses in 2019

This is a collaborative post 

I have to admit that I’m really enjoying watching Ava grow and develop her very own sense of style the older she gets. Even if it does take us 10 times longer to get ready in the morning .

Whether it’s her love for shoes that we’ve accidentally passed onto her or the way she likes to put together her own outfits every morning, it’s lovely to watch her grow and find a sense of self through fashion. And whereas we’ve decided to keep things fairly casual for the end-of-year celebrations, I could not stop myself from taking a gander at what 2019 has in store for trends in girls’ party dresses. So I grabbed a cuppa, had a good look around the web, and today I want to share with you what I discovered.

2019: The Year of the Prints

Prints of all sorts will reign over the new year in the world of fashion. My favourite of all, flowery patterns, has already been seen all over the runways for Spring and Summer 2019 and will continue to do so. Whether it’s bold and colourful styles or dainty and subdued prints, almost every designer is embracing them in 2019. Personally, I really love the boho-chic style for Ava’s wardrobe: a flowy and feminine fashion trend that’s been around for some time now, influenced by the bohemian and hippie cultures. I know she will also love the girly aspect of it.

But it won’t be only about the floral blooms! Aside from the flowers, there will also be an abundance of other patterns, such as animal prints, silks and draped fabric, rich upholstery jacquards, and pinstripes — both horizontal and vertical. There will also be loads of textures in fabric, with materials inspired by nature and contrasts. There’s no denying it: 2019 will be a visually exciting and fun year for sure!

Colours Inspired by Overseas Travels

In 2019, reports show that trends in colour will be inspired by exotic travels to faraway lands. From the deep, dark and rich reds of Asia and the dreamy blues of a Mediterranean Summer to the spicy yellow of African lands, be ready to be transported with the fashion choices of the year. Colours have this ability to pull us in and create emotion and excitement, and this will also be displayed in the latest trends in girls party dresses in the new year.

Colour palettes tend to ebb and flow over the seasons to surprise us and evoke all sorts of memories, and it always amuses me to see that some that were once outdated make a happy comeback a few years later. I vividly remember loving coral for myself as a teenager, and, lo and behold, Pantone has just announced that “Living Coral” will be the colour of the year in 2019! It is a beautiful orange that is uplifting and warming, and I am absolutely delighted.

Fashion Trends for the Girls

I always love to have a fancier outfit for Ava for all our special family events, and both she and I are thrilled by the fashion forecast we’ve discovered for next year. Based on what I found to be the fashion trends and knowing Ava’s tastes, we’ll be shopping for a boho-chic dress with ruffles and a beautiful floral pattern in warm red and coral hues inspired by the trendsetters. I know for a fact she is going to love it, and she will also look precious!

And if you think a beautiful party dress is for special occasions only, you could not be more wrong! Try dressing it down with a woolly jumper and some chunky tights, and you’ve instantly got yourself a funky outfit fit for any day of the week! Let your child’s imagination go wild in the morning — you’ll be surprised at how creative they can get when it comes to getting dressed!

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