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Transitioning from a cot to a bed: see how we have got on

It’s been nearly a week now since we moved Ava from her cot to a big girl bed in her new room.We’re trying to do these little changes before baby arrives so she doesn’t  feel like baby is pushing her out.

From cot to bed

It took us a while to find a bed we liked . We already had a toddler bed mattress. So we knew we had to have a toddler bed. We also wanted a bed that wasn’t too high off the ground just incase she throw her self off it in the night.

Then one day I had a sale email from Mothercare . Normally I stop myself from looking as my bank account hates me afterwards. But for some reason I had a mooch and there it was the perfect little bed . I liked the fact it had guards half way down that could be removed later on if required. I didn’t like any bed guards I had seen so this solved this problem.

From cot to bed
Without really making too much a big deal out of it .One day we decided that was it she was going to go in her big girls bed. We let her play in her new room a bit in the day so that she knew it was a nice and fun place to be. So when she went to bed it wasn’t that scary for her.

We made a point of starting how we wanted to go on. So no pandering to her rubbing her back it was in bed, goodnight and leave. She cried a little so I just went in so she could see me as soon as she calmed down I left . Then in no time she was asleep , up until now she hasn’t got out of her bed and messed around. she has taken really well to it. ( I know I’m going to regret writing that !)

I think if we had made it a big thing then she would have acted accordingly but we didn’t so it seemed normal . If anything she has slept so much better in her own big girl bed then she has been doing in her cot. Even with her being poorly.

The biggest shock of all was her asking to go to bed for a nap the other day. Jordan asked her if she was tired and wanted a snuggly sleep. To which she went to the stair gate . Jordan asked her if she wanted to go to bed to which she replied yes . So he took her up and 1hr 40 mins later she woke up !

I was excited and scared about her transitioning from her cot into her big girl bed. I was sad I was loosing my baby but so proud of how well she is developing. Thankfully it’s not been to stressful either so I think that’s made the whole thing a lot easier to deal with.

She has now taken to pretending to sleep which is very cute !



the though of moving your little one from a cot to a bed can be daunting but it doesnt have to be. My daughter sleeps so much better in her bed then she ever did in her cot

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