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Usborne take on a classic- Beauty and the beast : Review and Giveaway

Ever since Ava was really little I have read stories to her. She has enough books already to open up a small library, I cannot help myself when I see a children’s book I have to get it for her. So when I was recently asked if I would like to review beauty and the beast book from Usborne books I straight away said yes. Honestly I think it’s a problem I cannot say no to books.

I am so glad that I didn’t say no to this book review as Ava loves it. When I knew she was getting the Usborne book to review I popped the Disney version of Beauty and the beast on the telly for her to watch. She was griped to the telly she really loved it. So I had high hopes that she would love the story book for Usborne.

Usborne beauty and the beast flap and lift book

As soon as I opened the parcel and showed Ava the book she got really excited and wanted to explore it straight away. As the book is a hard back she was able to grasp the pages and turn them herself. Which is great as she is little miss independent and doesn’t want me to help her with anything. She also loved the little lift section seeing what was underneath. She did find it quite funny to lift the flap and say boo to the character underneath which was really cute.

Usborne books full of colour and interesting flaps

Like all Usborne books the pictures are vibrant and inviting. With great detailed images of what is happening in the story. This book isn’t the same completely to the Disney story but it follows the same storyline. I was a little apprehensive that I wouldn’t like it as much as I would be compairing it to the original story that I loved so much as a child. In fact I loved it , it was exciting and engaging and kept me wanting to turn each page.

I also liked the little cut out sections that made you want to turn the page to see what was underneath them. Ava enjoyed sticking her finger in them whilst I was read her the story !.


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