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The perfect welcome mail and other next steps for my blog

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This year I really want to take my blog more seriously. Over the last 3 years my blog has changed so much . The posts I used to write in the early days are nothing like I write now. I used to write a post just so I could get one out on that day even if anyone didn’t read it. It’s not till I stepped back and realised that quality is better than quantity. So now I make sure that every post I write I write it because I want to, I put in the time and make sure it’s perfect. I also dont worry If I haven’t posted for a few days.

There are some other things in 2019 I want to concur when it comes to my blog. I want to move my blog onto the next level, get more views, reach more people and hopefully earn some more money from doing something that I love.

The first thing I really need to look into more is Keywords. For the last three years I have kind of been guessing when It comes to keywords. Sometimes I get it right but I know there are posts that could be doing better if I understood keywords more. So If anyone has any good posts on how to find and use the best key words I would really appreciate if you would let me know.

Pinterest is something I need to start getting back into. When I use Pinterest properly I see a huge growth in my page views. I did use to use Tailwind religiously but with going back to work and busy super busy I have let this slip. So this is something I really need to start doing.

Lastly something I have wanted to do for a while is build a email list. This is something I have been thinking about for a while but putting off because I really didn’t know where to start put in a email to my subscribers. I didn’t want it to be another email in their inbox that was boring. Or something that they then bin straight away and not even read it. I Have found this Infographic from Campaign Monitor really helpful. It simply outlines what I need to do to make sure my welcome email to my subscribers is interesting and exciting.

sending a welcome mail to my subscribers what I need to put in it to make it a great email

Do you have a blog ? Is there something that you would like to achive in 2019 with your blog ? I would love to know what your goals are let me know in the comments.

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