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What a day , can I go to bed now !

Well my day started off really nicely . Me and mom took Ava to Bridgnorth where we looked in some shop ,had a coffee. Then I booked myself a hair appointment (little happy dance ) .

We then went back to my moms had some lunch and a natter . All was good . Then it all changed I left my moms to go and get petrol before going home and this is when my day turned into shit .


After leaving the petrol station an error message came on my dash and it suggested that I pulled over . Instantly I thought shit did I put diesel in . Checked the receipt and no I had put Petrol in . So what was the problem . I did the whole see if any other lights are on like oil and water . Nope nothing all clear . Turned the car off and on ( that’s normally my answer to everything ). When I turned in on again the warning had gone . So I thought great let’s get home and worry about it later.

After going literally seconds down the road it came back on !. Luckily I was right near a Halford’s garage so I pulled in . I rang Jordan explained what happened and he said to see a mechanic. So I spoke to a bloke that worked at Halford’s garage and explained what had been happening. His reply was “were full love come back tomorrow ! “( for god sake) . I explained I had Ava with me and just needed someone to look at it . He really wasn’t arsed and didn’t want to help me. So back to the car I went to figure out my next step.

After juddering down the road  with idiots pointing out it was 40mph , I came across another garage. There first response was the same as Halfords at first. After some charm they said they would look at it. At this point Jordan and his mate had come out of work to find me . A few moments later we knew what the problem was and was told it’s going to cost over ¬£200 to fix .



They where able to temporary fix it so I was able to get home . As I needed to get Ava some tea and go a check the dog hadn’t eaten the house. Thankfully the dog had been good !. I don’t think I would have been able to cope with walking into a disaster area.

So all in all it’s been a stressful afternoon. Tomorrow’s a new day and let’s hope it’s a bloody better one.

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