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What’s in the changing bag ? 

I see many moms with changing bags that acutally close together properly , where as mine is buldging at the seams . Do I carry too much or is it just the fact that my changing bag is too small ?.


I have been thinking about this for a few weeks now and now I am having to carry food around the changing bag is even fuller than ever !. Do I need to slim line what I carry or buy a new bag ( I am leaning towards a new changing bag , but what to choose there are so many !!).

Above is what we have in the changing bag on a day to day basis not including the new addition of food and cutlery on the odd occasion . We have got the must haves nappies ,wipes, changing Matt , nappy sacs, Change of clothes and milk powder.

I am also a bit particular about hygiene so anti baterial hand gel is a must have .I have also used this to clean a changing unit before putting my own Matt on it as unsure when it was last cleaned .

Ava now has a good grasp so enjoys toys to entertain her whilst out and also our trusty Gummee glove . If these get dropped on the floor I have my Tommy tippee antibacterial soother wipes . Mainly these are used on dropped teething rings .

Now having to pay for shopping bags I make sure always to have one and a good sized one at that . As paying for them when I have a million and one in the house angers me !.

I also have a jungle print bag that I use to put any dirty clothing in whilst out . As the thought of dirty clothes all over her stuff just makes me feel ill .

Also now that’s it’s warm I carry a hat and sun cream with me. I’m sure this won’t come out all that often but what’s the betting if I take it out the sun will come out ! .

It continues on the outside pockets with bottles that are a must have and her Milton soother steriliser . I also carry her red book with me I know many don’t but I know for sure I will put it in a safe place and never find that safe place again !!.

So looking at it I don’t think I carry anything unnessasary everything has its purpose . Maybe it’s the changing bag is just too small .

Help is needed please what changing bags are the best ? Or do I just carry too much !

What things do you actually need in your child’s changing bag ? Here is what I carry around with me #parenting #babies #changingbag #essentials

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