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Why am i not organised the second time around ?

II really need to start getting organised for baby number 2. I think at this point with Ava 31 weeks pregnant .I had brought the whole of next baby department, ticked of lists of essential products that we needed, and more than likely packed my hospital bags.

This time around we have decorated his room and he has enough clothes to last him a week maybe. The beautiful organised room that was on Instagram the other week is now been transformed into toy storage. As it has all of Ava’s Christmas presents in there.including a fan that really needs to go to the tip but that’s a lot of effort.


If I’m being honest I think I’m more ready for Christmas then i am for baby to come.

From 20 weeks pregnant we had Ava’s name and we didn’t sway away from that name. This time around I’m not sure if it’s because he is a boy .But we have had at least 5 different names and we still haven’t settled on one . Which I’m finding pretty hard as I liked it last time knowing her name .I think it made me build that bond early on as silly as that may sound.

I haven’t discussed a birth plan with anyone.Or even looked at what I need to buy for my hospital bag . The birth plan bit makes me a little uneasy .As I know many women who have had C-sections first time and want a VBAC the second time . Have been to see their consultants and had in depth  conversations about it . To see even if their consultant thinks it’s a good idea to go down that route.

With Ava I know I went overboard with clothes but I think everyone does with their first . At the moment he will be lucky if he gets a week out of the clothes we have got him. We really need to go shopping for lots more bits .

washing clothes with Ecover

You know what the problem is .I don’t find as much stuff that I like for boys .I would just buy anything with a frilly bum or a pretty pattern on when I was pregnant with Ava. But with boys clothes I haven’t had the same gooey oh that’s cute feeling. I really think I’m going to find buying for a boy so much harder than buying for a girl. I don’t really like character clothing or with too many badges or writing all over it . So it really does start to narrow it down. Why do most boy clothes have cool dude or handsome like my dad on them ?

Did you find second time around you were more laid back about it all ?

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