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Why this all started !!

I have known about blogging for a while now but thought why would anyone want to read about my life or would I even be any good at it ( being dyslexic my spelling is not the best and the thought of people seeing all my spelling mistakes did scare me a little ).

Since having Ava I have met friends more and experienced a lot more different things ( like poo all over me at 3am !!). speaking to some of my friends they say just give it a go!you’ve got nothing to loose. So this got me thinking  I was nearly finished with all my uni work till September and then all I would have to do  was to be a mommy to Ava. ( not that I’m complaining it is an ace job !!). I am used to being a very busy person at work answering emails dealing with different situations and I think apart of me was missing that.

So I took the plunge I did it and I think its going ok , to start with I was getting a bit obsessed with the stats , as I have spoken to many brands about reviewing their products and being a newbie they didn’t want to know. I have had the support of some Amazing brands and I am so grateful ( and so is Ava for the nice things she is receiving ). The thing I have enjoyed the most is reading all the amazing blogs out there and talking to people I would never of spoken too.

The one thing I look forward to is looking back at this blog in years to come and all the memories it holds of Ava growing up. All them little things I may forget will be there in black and white and this is the best thing of all.

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