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being a mom and a student

I remember when I started university I was adamant I was going to wait till I had finished the course to have children as I did that and worked full time. well it didn’t go to plan !! As I had to have a C-section my return to university was a lot later than I wanted giving


The new born photo shoot !!

We are very lucky to know such an amazing photographer so as soon as our little princess was born I knew I wanted Mel to take her photos . The day of the photo shoot came and I was a little nervous about having my picture taken . I hadn’t got used to this new


Pets and babies

When I found out I was pregnant and we started to tell people ,what I heard quite a lot of the time is so are you getting rid of the dog or remember never leave the dog alone with the baby ( like I would do that ) . This came quite frustrating as Kya