• Beeding tissue flower craft and toilet roll bee
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    Gardening inspired crafts- Bleeding tissue paper flowers & toilet roll bee

    Were back with this months Bostik blogger post. This months theme was gardening, when I think of gardening during the summer months it makes me think of flowers. Brightly coloured flowers so I thought I would create a craft around flowers. We also had a lot of tissue paper lying around and nothing was being done with it so I thought I would incorporate this into the craft Bleeding tissue paper flower If you’re not really the most crafty person ever then this craft is for you it’s so easy to do and you only need to use a few different things. What your will need Tissue paper, Card, Permanent…

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    3 easy craft peacock designs to do with children of all ages

    As you probably have noticed by now I’m a Bostik blogger thanks to Tots 100. Last month we did some Easter creations . This months theme is flight be it birds or planes. Well Ava has become very interested in animals trying to copying all the different animal sounds. So I thought that birds would be the way to go. Especially as the other week we saw a peacock on the Telly and she was amazed by it. So using this new-found interest in animals and the fascination for peacocks .I thought it would be fun to create some peacocks. They are really easy to do and can be done…

  • easy Easter crafts

    Easy Easter crafts to enjoy with children

    I don’t know about you but I have found more and more Easter is becoming about receiving presents. It’s not just the one chocolate egg these days. Its loads of chocolate eggs and clothes or toys. It just gets too much I mean they have only just had Christmas. What more do they actually need. So I thought it would be nice to look show you some simple crafts. That you can do with your kids so that you can spend some quality time together doing something creative and fun. To enable us to crate some Easter crafts we have been sent some products from Crafts merrily thanks to Tots100.…

  • valentine's crafts

    valentine’s bunting and easy valentine’s card that children of all ages can enjoy creating

    I am so excited to share with you all that this year we have been picked by Tots100 to be a Bostik blogger. This means that each month we will have a step by step craft tutorial for you. Using a craft box sent to us from Craft Merrily. I’m really looking forward to sharing with you the different things we make. Also I’m looking forward to this one on one time with Ava doing something we both love. This month in preparation for valentine’s day we have been making some valentine’s bunting. This is a great activity and can be enjoyed by children of all ages. You will need…

  • bubble wrap painting

    Bubble wrap painting

    We quite often get things packaged in bubble wrap and 9/10 I put it in the recycling bin straight away. Today though I thought let’s do something fun with it even if I recycle it afterwards at least its been used a few times. So today we did some bubble wrap painting. It’s really easy to ddo and takes minutes to prepare. What you will need Bubble wrap, paper, paint, rolling-pin, toilet roll inside, hair bands or elastic bands. ( sorry about the hair on the bobble !!) Wrap both the rolling-pin and the end of the toilet roll in bubble wrap and secure with a hair bobble or elastic…

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    cotton wool peg painting for toddlers

    As Ava isn’t at nursery anymore I’m trying to make more of a conscious effort to do some different activities with her . Activities that she will both enjoy and that will aid her development. Today we did cotton wool peg painting. cotton wool peg painting Now this is a really simple activity to do . It offers a wide range of different learning opportunities. I will do a step by step show you how we did our cotton wool peg painting and what learning opportunity it could offer. First of all you need some pegs and some cotton wool . Get your little ones to use the pegs to…

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    Footprint Christmas cards that everyone can do 

    We have teamed up with The Mad House to join in with the kid made Christmas card series. After working in nursery’s now for many a years I have done a lot of different Christmas card designs . The designs that I think are the best for little ones are footprint Christmas cards. So I thought I would show you how to create these supper easy but effective Christmas cards. What will need to create your footprint Christmas cards. Paint ( black,white,red and brown), Paint brushes, Card, Sticky labels, Scissors, Felt pens, And of course Glitter !! What would a Christmas card be without glitter How to create your penguin…