We are very lucky to be sent a variety of products to review. So we can share with you our honest opinion of a product. So you dont waste your money buying products that are just not worth the money. You will find reviews of both children products and products for adults.

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    Mess free creativity with little Brian’s chalk and paint sticks: review

    For the last 6 months I have noticed more and more that Ava is loving crafting . She will sit at her desk In the front room for ages creating things. Which is fine with me as I actually enjoy doing crafting with her . I don’t really worry about the mess too much . Sometimes though I need something I can pack away quickly that Isn’t too messy . This is where paint and chalk sticks come in. Paint sticks are like nothing I have ever used before . Think of painting with a glue stick . It’s that kind of soft gliding sensation when your painting on the…

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    Getting creative with Stabilo : Round up

    You have probably guessed by now that we like to get crafty. Everyday Ava asks to get her pens out and do some drawing. She will sit for ages in complete silence and create a masterpiece. The lovely people over at Stabilo have sent us some of their products for Ava to try out. The first product that caught my eye was their Cappi 12 fibre tip pens. Ava uses felt tips all the time. She isn’t the best at keeping the pen on the paper sometimes she does draw on her hands. Why do kids do this ! She will do it and then come over to me and…

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    BabyLeds Spreads : review

    I have recently found myself getting in a bit of a rut with the food I’m feeding Alby. This is mainly because Ava is such a fussy eater so I tend to cook things I know she will eat. Being back at work means I’m tired of an evening and if I can prevent a toddler meltdown over food then I will. However this has started to really impact on what Alby is eating as I just tend to cook him the same meals as Ava is having. I know, I know I should really be trying to make her eat a ;

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    Using B-sensible sheets when taking away the night time nappy with my toddler

    A couple of months ago now we started potty training with Ava. It has gone so well. I think in the last two months we have only had maybe 2 accidents. I started to notice that her night-time nappies were dry when she woke up in the morning. She also started to ask for a wee as soon as she woke in the morning. So I started to think about not using a nappy on a night-time. The lovely people over a B-sensible have sent us a waterproof fitted sheet and two waterproof pillow cases to try . I’m going to be honest when they said waterproof bedding all I…

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    creating beautiful imprints with Baby Art : Review

    Over the last couple of months the mom guilt has come cover me. This started around the same time I started to plan my return to work . I have been thinking about all the things we have done with my maternity leave this time around. We have had so many more days out and made so many more memories . I have made a bigger effort this time to go to play groups with the kids . Having two kids is hard and play group is savour . This time around I have made some great friends at play group . I even see them out of play group…

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    Muffin Sisters Blue Minky Dot African baby blanket and pillow set :Review

    We have recently been sent a beautiful blanket and pillow set from the Muffin Sisters for Alby to try. Now Alby is a funny one with blankets .When his in his cot all he likes to have is a muslin cloth . This has become his comfort item which is rather cute  . If you’re a regular reader you may have seen that Alby likes to take naps on the floor . Don’t ask me why but he gets so comfy on the floor . He loves nothing more than being snuggled up in a big blanket when he has naps. He even sometimes takes Ava’s bunny if she’s not watching.…

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    Back to school stationery round up

    I am a complete stationery geek . There is nothing better than getting new bits of stationary to try . Or writing on a fresh pad . I used to get so excited about going back to school as I knew this meant stationary shopping ! Surely I’m not alone on this right? In just a few weeks I will be returning to work . The same time a lot of kids will be returning to school after the summer holidays . So I thought I would put together a stationery round up post for you. Full of great stationary ideas. Adonit pro 3 universal stylus Now this isn’t your…

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    Leesa mattress unboxing and review

    Since becoming a parent I have learnt that sleep is so important. If I don’t get a good night’s sleep I really find the next day a struggle. The amount of sleep I now have is less than ever before. Ava generally sleeps through the night and Alby wakes about once. Which yes I know is really good but where as my days used to start at say 9 they now start at 6. I used to not be able to function with less than 8 hours solid sleep. Now if I get 8 hours solid sleep I feel like a new woman ready to take on the world. To…

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    Chicco Hoopla baby bouncer : review

    We have recently been sent the Chicco Hoopla baby bouncer to review from Kiddies Kingdom . I know what you’re thinking a bouncer but your youngest is 8 months old . Well this bouncer isn’t just for babies it can be used with children up to 18kg as a chair . Now you know I’m a lover of products that have multiple uses. So this is a big plus for me. We did have a bouncer for Alby when he was younger but he really didn’t like it. I’m not sure why as it was the same one we had for Ava and she loved it. The Chicco Hoopla  baby…

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    Summer infant 4 in 1 SuperSeat: Review

    Alby’s at the point in his development where his trying hard to sit up but hasn’t quite got the balance yet. Summer infant have recently sent us their new Summer infant 4 in 1 SuperSeat to try . I have been looking forward to trying this out as Alby is now on the move. So it will be nice to keep him in one place for a few moments. The Summer infant 4 in 1 SuperSeat isn’t just for babies it can be used right up until they are a toddlers . As it can be attached to a chair and uses as a toddler booster seat.

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    Hundred Acre woods Eeyore rattle ring and Piglet soft toy: review and Giveaway

    We are a big lovers of Disney . Rainbow Designs have very kindly sent us two new Disney soft toys for Alby to enjoy. They are a Hundred Acre wood plush Piglet and a Eeyore rattle ring. They are just so adorable . They have even asked me to run a giveaway so you too could have these adorable baby toys. For the opportunity to enter the giveaway take a look at the bottom of this post. Like I said earlier I love Disney . We probably watch at least one Disney film a day at home . Although I do love all the new Disney films that are out…

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    Fisher-Price laugh and learn sweet manors tea set & Puppy’s check-up kit: Review

    When I think of interactive educational toys for children I think of Fisher-Price. They make some lovely toys for children that enable them to learn new things in a fun way . We have been very lucky and have been sent two Fisher price toys from the laugh and learn range to review.  Fisher-Price sweet manors tea set Ava is all about role play at the moment so home this came at the perfect time. She really enjoys to pretend to pour some tea into the tea cups and give them to me. The spout glowing different colours is a lovely feature. One which Ava really enjoys , she likes…

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    Nakin Natural anti-ageing skincare: review

    For as long as I can remember I have hated my skin. It’s quite oily in areas but then also dry in areas. Which makes buying products really hard. I also get quite a few spots which can be really sore. Having skin like this really gets me down I ;

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    Foobot home air quality monitor- Review

    If you’re a regular reader of my blog. You will know that we have been back and forth many a times with Ava to hospital due to her asthma. Touch wood we have had a good stretch recently. I think were getting better and knowing her signs of becoming poorly. So we act fast with the inhaler and prevent it from getting worse. Well a few months ago I was contacted by the people over at Airboxlab to see if we would like to trial their indoor air quality monitor ( Foobot). I was instantly intrigued to see if it would give me more of an insight in to the…

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    Feeling confident in swimwear thanks to Simply Swim

    It’s that time of the year where women up and down the country dig out their swimming costumes. Many of those women hate the thought of getting in their swimming costumes. If their anything like me they will feel frumpy and unattractive. But in a bid to keep the children entertained either taking them swimming or being in the pool with them on holiday. They put it on. I have recently been sent a swimming costume from Simply Swim. To help me feel great about my body in a swimming costume. One that will hold me in,in all the right places but still looks nice. Now I have never been…

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    aidie London Navy blue baby moccasins- Review

    I am a big lover of shoes this is something I have passed onto Ava for sure. Whenever we go into a shop she goes straight to the shoes and picks them up straight away. Normally saying they are cute and asking for them. However I do make sure that I only buy Ava shoes that are good for her feet. As some of you may know we have had issues with her feet and her walking. After seeing a physiotherapist they explained to me that shoes with flat soles and ones that are not too structured are best for kids. They don’t actually need these structured shoes that a…

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    Dream Tents the perfect addition to any child’s bed

    Do you have a child that loves to make dens or little secret hideaway ? Yes well will love Dream Tents. What are Dream Tents The name really says it all it’s a pop up tent that you can put over you child’s bed . The Dream Tents we received was the wonderland one . So it has mountains and snowflakes over it . Which Ava loved as it reminded her of Frozen which is her favourite film at the moment. How do you attach it to your bed ? Things that go over or around kids beds normally scare me a little . Especially the ones that have straps…

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    Buying and selling a house is so stressful- the ups and downs

    A few weeks ago on insta stories I told you that I had some exciting news but I wasn’t ready to tell everyone yet . As I didn’t want to jinx it . Well I could have told you because it all went downhill. Just under a month ago we sold our house we were so excited and straight away got looking for a house to buy . Both my parents and Jordan’s mom had said if we needed a stop-gap we were more than welcome to spread ourselves between them so we didn’t lose the sale of the house. Plus if we timed it all well we would

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    Putting your best foot forward with Hotter shoes : Hotter Resort sandals in rose gold Review

    Now if you have been a reader of my blog for a while you may have seen around 18 months ago my mom broke her ankle. You don’t realise how something like this can change your life forever. My mom now is either in trainers that support her foot completely or shoes that she wouldn’t have picked before breaking her ankle. We have walked and walked the high street trying to find a pair of shoes that she likes the look of and that also support her foot in all the right places. Let me tell you this isn’t an easy task ! Then a few weeks ago I attended…

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    Getting the kids ready for nursery with Stikets name labels

    I cannot quite believe I’m writing this but in 3 months time I’m going back to work . Which means the kids will be going to nursery ! So I’m already starting to get things ready for them . This time though Ava will be going to a pre school and they do forest school once a week amongst other fun additional activities. Which means on some days she will have to take a lot of things with her. Any parent who has ever sent their kids to nursery will know . That the more things they take with them the higher the risk is of them loosing something. Probably…