• Mocc Ons comfy little slipper socks that keep little toes warm

    Mocc Ons comfy little slipper socks that keep little toes warm : review

    You may have seen recently we reviewed some Twiddle Ons which Alby loves. Well now we have been very lucky and been sent another product from the Ons family. We have been sent the Mocc Ons which are cute slipper socks that keep toes nice and warm. I was asked to go and pick what design Mocc Ons we would like to have. There are so many different designs it really did take me a long time to pick which ones I wanted. In the end I went with a design I thought would go with most of Alby’s clothes. So he can wear them everyday to keep his littles…

  • Xootz LED tri scooter

    Having lots of scooting fun with the Xootz LED tri scooter: review

    Ava’s at the age now where some days she doesn’t want to go in the pushchair. So wants to walk but gets tired and bored quickly. It’s a right nightmare as we don’t have a double pushchair so it’s not like I can stick her in the pushchair if she changes her mind. So to help me with this she has recently been sent a the Xootz LED tri scooter from Skates.co.uk to try . I’m hoping it will make my life a bit easier for the days when she decides she is too much of a big girl to go in the pushchair . The lovely people over at…

  • A beautiful picture book from My-picture.co.uk review

    My-picture – picture book review and Giveaway

    Ava really loves looking at pictures of family and friends. She often sits with my phone and scrolls through the pictures talking about the people she can see. Or walks around our front room with one of our picture frames that has a picture from my brothers wedding in it. So when the people over at My-picture.co.uk asked if I would like to review one of their products. I knew straight away that I would love to review one of their My photo books. I remember as a child looking through photo albums of past holidays and memories. It made me think we very rarely print pictures off like this…

  • cuddledry

    The original cuddledry hands free baby towel: review

    Bath time in our house ends up with more water on the floor and myself than is left in the bath. This is mainly because Ava loves to splash . When I say splash I mean lob water around the bathroom. Poor Alby doesn’t really get much of a relaxing bath time with Ava around. Cuddledry have recently sent me one of their bath towels to try . So I’m hoping it will help keep me a little bit drier during bath time. What is the original Cuddledry baby bath towel Basically the Cuddledry bath towel is a towel that parents can wear. Stopping them getting soaking wet when getting…

  • review

    What £20 can get you from poundshop.com

    We have been asked if we would like to see what we can get from the poundshop.com for £20. So they sent us over a code to get £20 worth of items for free . Now I usually don’t do Vlogs but I thought a post full of pictures might be a bit boring.So instead their is a vlog below of me rambling on about the products we got from the poundshop.com. I hope you like it ! One thing I didn’t mention in the vlog was delivery. Delivery is £4.95 for standard delivery or £5.95 for next day delivery if orders are placed before 3pm. Which you may say…

  • Fimgerlings Candi review

    Fingerlings Candi :review friendship @ your fingertips

    The Fingerling craze is still going strong. With new additions to the fingerlings family including unicorns and sloths. We have been very lucky to be sent one of the two toned edition to review. Which as you can imagine went down very well with Ava. In fact I don’t think she has put it down since we received it. What are Fingerlings ? If you don’t know what Fingerlings are then where have you been? kids have been going crazy over these cute little creatures for some time now. A fingerling is a tiny tech creature that hangs on your finger. Each creature has cupped arms and legs forming a…

  • Gummee link and teethe

    Gummee link and teethe : review

    We still have no teeth but the dribble is going strong . I don’t remember Ava dribbling this much so young . I’m having the change Alby multiple times a day just because he is soaked through with dribble . The teething pains are still going strong too . Poor thing although his new teething from Gummee the Gummee link and teethe sseems to help him a lot though. You may have seen a few months ago we reviewed the Gummee Glove. Which we still love and is great to have in the changing bag for when we’re out and about . They have recently sent us their link and…

  • Dotty fish soft leather shoes

    Dotty Fish soft soled shoes allowing children to put their best foot forward: review

    Ava started to walking just before her first birthday . Like most toddlers she kept falling over . I noticed that as she got older and more confident with her walking she was still falling over a lot . After months and months of me trying to seek help . We eventually got to see a physiotherapist who said Ava in toes as she walks . This means instead of her feet facing forward when she walks they turn in . Which is the reason to why she falls over a lot. We have now seen the physiotherapist twice now . She has said that it’s got a little better…

  • Twiddle Ons

    Twiddle Ons baby foot finder toy: Review and Giveaway

    Alby is now at his next developmental milestone. He is trying his hardest to roll . He gets half the way over and then gets cross. He does keep trying and trying but his not quite there yet. I know it won’t be long though. Then gone are my days of leaving him in one place and knowing he won’t move ! So to help Alby to explore his feet a bit more and become more confident with rolling we have been sent some twiddle Ons . We first came across this brand when Ava was little . Ava was and still is the kid that will never keep her…

  • Milton Antibacterial products

    Keeping germs at bay thanks to Milton Antibacteiral products : review and giveaway

    Now I’m all for kids getting messy but there are some areas of the house that you need to be clean. The main one is the kitchen , this is the place you prepare all your food . So you need your kitchen to be sparking clean. This is where Milton Antibacterial products are fab . You may be thinking I’m sure Milton only did sterilising tablets and solutions. Well your wrong there they do lots more ! The first Milton product we have been trying is their 3 in 1 Antibacterial surface spray. All in all we are a pretty healthy house and I put that down to using…

  • BKD

    BKD spring inspired children’s subscription box : review

    Do you enjoy baking ? I do but I never do it . The stress of finding the perfect recipe and then collecting all the different bits really puts me off. Ava though is getting to the age where she is showing an interest in baking. So I know that I need to up my game on this. So to help us with this BKD have sent us one of their baking subscription boxes for us to try out. The box we have been sent to review is  spring inspired so think bunnies and hot cross buns. The box is aimed at children 3 years + . Ava is only…

  • Pukka pies

    Make your favourite chippy tea at home with Pukka pies

    I’m a big lover of a takeaway I cannot wait for the weekend to have a little treat . The only problem is takeaways can be so costly . Easily you’re looking at £10-£15 for a takeaway for two of you . This is money we could really be saving towards a new house or for family days out . So I’m looking at a ways I can reduce our spending on takeaways but still have that treat once a week . Now this is where Pukka pies come in. Now for a random fact about me . When I was younger I worked in a chip shop . At…

  • earth friendly baby

    Bathtime fun with earth friendly baby : review

    If you’re a long time reader of the blog you would have noticed that we love bath time. Ava is such a water baby and I was hoping Alby was going to be the same. Thankfully he is so bath time is a fun time in our house. The more bubbles the better. Ava is finding it hilarious at the moment to get all the bubbles and put them on top of Alby’s head the poor boy. So when the lovely people over at earth friendly baby asked us if we would like to review some their products including bath products. I straight away said yes please !   I’m…

  • Samsung S8 Iphone 7

    Apple Iphone 7 Samsung S8 which is the best for a blogger ?

    I have been using an iPhone for the last 5/6 years and I have always said I would never change it for a different brand. I do everything on my phone , I do a lot of my social media coverage for my blog on my phone . I occasionally write the odd blog post from my phone. So I need a phone that can keep up with my life. The other thing is we have a lot of Apple products in our house and they link together seamlessly . So the thought of changing my phone does scare me a little . But I have been set a challenge…

  • Mama + Belle

    Mama + Belle teething jewellery review

    Teething !! it can be a horrid time for both parents and children. I was pretty lucky with Ava she didn’t really show any signs that she was teething apart from maybe dribbling every now and again. My friends how ever have told me some right stories about their children when they were teething. From not sleeping or eating to being really clingy and not wanting to be put down. I can already tell that Alby is a complete different child to Ava. He is already more needy than Ava. So I know that when he starts teething I may just lock my self in a dark room and not…

  • review

    Baby Mickey mouse activity toy : review

    I dont think I have come across anyone that doesnt love Disney. Even from a young age children are drawn in by the magic of Disney. The amount of Disney films we have watched with Ava over the last 2 years is crazy. This love of Disney is already being passed on to Alby.He has to listen to our sing along to Disney songs most days in the car. To keep this love of Disney going in our .Alby has been treated recently by the lovely people over at Rainbow designs to a baby Mickey mouse activity toy. The baby Mickey mouse is fantastic for babies inquisitive minds. It encourages…

  • Gummee Glove

    Gummee Glove teething mitten: review

    Alby has starting teething !! he is only 12 weeks old but already I can tell his going to suffer with his teeth. Now Ava was fine with teething to be honest half the time I didn’t know she was teething. Her first tooth came though and i didn’t even realise until I was changing her nappy and was able to see into her mouth. This I know wont be the case with Alby, he has become very clingy at the moment . He is dribbling constantly and screams out as if he is in pain. So I know I’m going to need something to help soothe his gums. Thankfully…

  • Mother's day

    Mother’s day gift guide 2018

    Here i am again with another gift guide for you this time it’s for Mother’s day. This is a day to celebrate how fantastic us moms are . Dont worry dad’s you will get your day soon ! If your mom is as ace as mine is i know it’s hard to buy them something that will really show how much you love them .Also how grateful you are that they are in your life. However it is nice to get a little gift .I will be honest and say i do love a little treat on Mother’s day. I have been sent some products to share with you that…

  • Guardianfix 3 review

    Guardianfix 3 from Kiddy : review

    For the past few weeks now we have been trying out the Guardianfix 3 from Kiddy . This is like no car seat we have ever used before as it has a safety shield and not a harness. so it has taken Ava some time to get used to it. Safety features Now when I first saw these car seats I was intrigued by the safety shield aspect. I had a look into how safe this car seat was. As you can never be too careful when it comes to the safety of your child. The Guardianfix 3 complies with all the latest safety standards for infant and children’s car…

  • Twistshake

    Twistshake bottle and hot and cold bottle : review

    Baby bottles now there are loads of different ones on the market these days. Which one do you go for it can be so confusing and all you want to do is do right by your little one. Well the last couple of weeks we have been trying out the Twistshake anti colic bottle. We haven’t used this bottle with Alby before . So i was a little concerned he wouldn’t take to it as its a little different to his normal bottle. But we had no problems at all Alby drank from his Twistshake bottle like he would his normal bottle. In fact we have been finding with his…