5 life hack to make your life easier

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There are many things you learn with age life hacks shall we call them. Some of them are completely random but now you know them things just click . You may learn things that save you time or effort like where to find all directory numbers in one place. Or things that just make your life so much easier.

The first life hack I have learnt and this is only recently is how to know what side the petrol cap on my car is. Now this to many of you may sound really stupid. But whenever I went to fill my car up I really had to think about this. Then I realised that there was a little arrow next to the petrol sign on my dashboard. This arrow points to the side of the car that your petrol cap is!

littlr life hack

A few times now I have brought some things and had issues with them months later. When we first moved into our house it was like our hoover hated us as it kept breaking. It took me for ever to navigate through the brands website to find the correct contact number. Little did I know that there is a website called Contact Number UK that collects all this information for you in one place!

Now the next one is about fast food. Do you ever go to mc Donald’s? Get yourself a pot of ketchup in one of those paper cups. Then try and fit a chicken nugget into it with little success. Yes so did I until I saw that if you unroll the rim it makes it wider and better for dipping. Also the silver trays you get rice in from the Chinese or Indian takeaway actually flatten down to make a plate. Saving on washing up!

We always used to have an issue with trying to empty our bin until I saw a post on Facebook that said. If you drill two small holes at the bottom of the bin it will reduce suction issues. I gave it ago as I was fed up of splitting the bag as I was trying to pull it out. It actually works no more split rubbish bags for us!

The last little hack is one I have learnt from work. I work in a nursery as many of you may know. On a few occasions we have had to use permanent marker pens but with children around these pens can go walkies and then you have permanent marker everywhere .So below are a few ways I have found to remove permanent marker

Kids manage to get marker pens on almost every thing . No matter how hard you try to hide them they always find them . Here are my top ways to get marker pens out of all different kind of materials and surfaces #hack #remover #tips #fromclothes #fromwalls #fromskin #fabrics #Everything

Clothes-Hand sanitiser

Walls- Toothpaste or hairspray

Wood- Use rubbing alcohol

Carpet- White vinegar

Furniture- Milk

White Board- Rubber


What life hacks have you learnt over the years that you are grateful you learnt?

You need to take a look at these life hacks they will change your life for sure ! #lifehacks #everyoneshouldknow #useful #home #life #easylife #simple

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