5 cheap or free activities

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The summer holidays are upon us for parents with young children you dread taking them to soft play . As they are over run with older kids . And for parents that have older children its finding activities to keep them occupied.

Below are just a few ideas of activities that may come in handy over the summer.

The Park

You really cannot go wrong with the park . There is fun play equipment to play on , gorgeous playground graphics to play games like hop scotch on. I remember the park by me when I was little was attached to a huge field. So we spent many a days having grass fights or ball games. Oh to be young again.

Outdoor activities

Arts and crafts 

Now you don’t have to be the most crafty parent to have crafting fun with your kids . Outside chalk are great to draw on the pavements and are easily removed with a little bit of water. Or knowing the great British summer weather it will rain before you know it.

You could be really adventurous and let your little one go crazy with glue. Every child loves to make models so keep those old cereal boxes and toilet roll tubes . They may just give you an hour of peace later on in the week.

Craft activities
Pinterest is also amazing for finding easy but fun activities so it may be worth checking Pinterest out.

Check out the library 

It seems so old school now to say go to the library but they are not what they used to be. Children are allowed to be there and can make noise . Our local library put on loads of free events during the holidays. Or you could even just go to see what books they have to offer. We quite regularly kill some time at our local library.

Cheap activities
Den building 

I can remember spending hours making dens it was so much fun . Old bed sheets held up by chairs. It may be worth keeping an eye out at your local charity shop for big bits of material just incase. Why not keep the fun going by having lunch in your den. Be prepared though for your little one not wanting to put it away so you end up with an old bed sheet draped over your dining room table for a few days.

Scavenger hunt 

Dependant upon the age of your child depends on how far you can take this. It may just be a simple hide objects for the children to find or it may involve riddles and maps to keep them entertained a little longer. I used to play games like this with my granddad when I was younger on the hunt for soft mints. Why soft mints I will never know but I found it so exciting. Me and my brother can remember it like it was yesterday.

What are your go to activities for the school holidays that are cheap or free ?

Are you worried about keeping the kids entertained and how much it might cost you. Well not all activites have to cost a lot some of even free . Take a look at these ideas #top5 #free #freeactivties #cheapactivties #fortoddlers #children #ideas #learning #craft #outdoor #summer #indoor #family


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