Adding light into your home in 5 simple steps

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The downstairs of our house is pretty dark especially our front room . So recently I have been looking into different ways to brighten up  and add some light into our rooms.

Mirrors mirrors on the walls 

Have plenty of mirrors around the house this will double the amount of sunlight you get into your home . As the light will bounce off them. The best place to hang a mirror is directly across from your window.

Use mirrors to bounce light
Colour schemes 

Now I think this is where we went wrong in our front room. We went for a colour scheme we liked not one that necessarily worked for our room . Making sure to use fresh light colours can brighten up a room instantly. The lighter the colour of the walls the more they will reflect. Companies like Dulux have a great range of light colour  to choose  from . Remember if your walls are neutral then paint your ceiling shade lighter to help bounce the light around.

Paint your walls In a light colour
Think about your furniture

Now this is something as a parent I don’t think I would be able to do because of sticky fingers but . Adding shiny , metallic or mirrored furniture to a room can help to bounce the light around the room. Make sure not to have dark chunky furniture in a dark room as this can make it appear darker.

Natural light

Where you can make the most of natural light . Make sure that windows are clear or clutter and are also clean . It may even be an option to add in a roof lantern to help you brighten up a room.

Letting in the light
Get rid of the junk 

Clutter will only make a dark room seem darker. Get organised throw away things you don’t need and organise the things you want to keep.

I’m hoping some of these tips will help you brighten your home . This is something we will be making a point of doing when we come to sell our home.

Adding light into your home doesnt have to be hard with these 5 simple tips you can increase the amount of light in your home with ease. #interior #home #addinglight

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