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One day soon I’m hoping our house will sell and we will get a new house . The thought of moving does stress me out . The last time we moved we were able to move all of our bits in our cars. Well that’s not going to happen this time . It’s going to take a lot more than two cars ! The one thing I am looking forward to doing it decorating.

So whilst we’re still in our house I though it would be beneficial to make a plan of what I would like to do to some of the rooms when we do get a new house. Two of the main rooms I would want to be sorted straight away are the kid’s bedroom . So I thought this would be the best place to start.

Starting with Alby’s bedroom

When we decorated Alby’s room I brought too much paper on purpose . Mainly because it was a bargain I think it had 50% off in Laura Ashley . We knew when we decorated Alby’s room that we would be moving in the near future . So I wanted to buy enough to potentially paper a wall in the next house . Or even cover some canvas in wallpaper to add a pop of colour and the cute monkeys design to his new room.

childrens bedroom inspiration

Whilst Alby’s little I want to keep his room pretty simple . There is nothing worse than too much going on. It needs to be a place he can chill out in ready for sleep.

Ava’s bedroom

Now Ava’s bedroom at the moment isn’t completely how I would want it . Before she was in there it was a play room. Like I said before we knew we were moving in the near future so we didn’t really see the point in doing too much too it.

Ava has a bunny that she takes everywhere with her . She loves anything with bunnies on so I think I would want to incorporate this into her new room. I have been having a search through Pinterest and here are some things I love and think Ava would love too


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    Lovely wallpaper on Alby’s room. Jess has a lovely writing style and we recommend her services to our clients. She writes in a way that engages the reader with good use of imagery. Definitely a blog to bookmark for your next coffee break!

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