How to update your bedroom on a budget

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Your bedroom is meant to be a place to go to relax. Night times may be the only time you get away from the kids . The only room in the house that doesn’t contain some kind of children related objects. So it needs to be a place where you can go and relax ready for the next crazy day.Having children can sometimes means that money can become a little tight. Or like us most of your spare money goes on the kids . Whether it be buying them new clothes , shoes or taking them to places. So this leaves little money spare to update things in the house. The thing is though you don’t need a lot of money to update your bedroom to make it the calm relaxing environment that you need. Here are my top 5 ways you can easily and cheaply transform your bedroom on a budget.

De clutter

Having a clutter free room can really make a difference. I hate things to be messy it really stresses me out . So making sure everything is clutter free is a must .

Take a look at the things you have on show. Be it on your window sill or on top of units in your room. Do you really need them there ? Are they adding anything to the room ? Or are they just clutter? . If the answer is clutter then it needs to go.

We have also recently brought a unit from Ikea to keep all the stuff we need organised and out of view in boxes. Everywhere looks a lot more tidy and all the junk we have got I cannot see.

Add a bit of colour

You can add colour to a room really easily . This can be by changing the bedding or painting a feature wall . Adding this accent of colour to your room can really freshen it up .

I have been thinking recently about painting the wall in our bedroom . Instead of just painting it in one block colour . I would love tape sections of and paint them different colours. I’m seeing this sort of thing all over Pinterest at the moment.

Updating pictures

updating your bedroom on a budget

We have had the same few pictures in our bedroom since we moved in . Most of them are pictures from well before we were parents . They really do need updating. Simply changing the pictures can change how you look at that part of your room . Or you could buy new frames or upcycle your old ones by painting them. This is such a cheap and easy way to add a bit of colour to your room whilst having some of your favourite photos on display.


updating your bedroom on a budget

The furniture you have got in your room does it work . Does it take up space that could be used to make your room look and feel bigger. Is there a way you can condense your furniture. You could simply do this by going through all your draws and wardrobes . If you don’t need it throw it . If you haven’t worn it in the last 6 months,then throw it . You might be surprised how much free space you have in draws and wardrobes when you do this . Leaving you possibly with too much furniture.

People’s bedside tables can become full of clutter . Including bedside lamps why not swap these for wall mounted lights. They make an interesting focal point . Plus it clears some space on your bedside table.


updating your bedroom on a budget

Don’t want to paint the walls or not very good at DIY. Then you can easily give your room a fresh new look by adding a colourful rug that complements your room .

So there are my top 5 ways to update your bedroom on a budget . I hope you find them useful.

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