Boosting Your Self-Confidence (the Easy Way)

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When you’re a mum, it’s easy for your self-confidence to take a knock. Many mothers talk about feeling negative about their changing figures, not to mention their levels of exhaustion, and their lack of self-worth in their careers. 

Thankfully, the situation can be improved – and there are some simple steps you can take to help you get your mojo back. 

Lacking in self-confidence – why that matters

Scientists often talk about the power of self-confidence. It can affect so many aspects of your life, from how much you achieve to how positive you feel about the world around you. That’s why it’s important to take the time to work on your confidence. It’s not selfish to enjoy some self-care from time to time, and in the long run, it’ll make you a more contented, happier mum.

How to improve self-confidence

Here are just a few changes you can implement to feel more positive about yourself.

 Try out a new look. If you’ve had the same haircut for years, head to your hairdresser and get something new. Or, if this feels too dramatic, treat yourself to a hair-mask or intensive conditioning treatment. You can even achieve the same effect by wearing something different (that means putting the jeans away for one day at least)! 


 Evaluate your life. Try to work out exactly what’s making you feel less confident. If it’s your fitness levels, consider a new exercise regime. If you feel that you’re stuck in a rut with your job, perhaps think about looking for a new one. Or enrol on a course and improve your expertise in a particular area. Be as proactive as you possibly can. 


 Use scent to give yourself a lift. Scent is a powerful thing. The right fragrance can make you immediately feel more empowered, and a little spray each day provides a welcome boost. A statement perfume, like the popular fragrance Creed Aventus, might be just what you need. 


 Change your attitude. So many women are brutal to themselves. They criticise their bodies, their faces, their ability to do things; and all the time, they’re completely ignoring what’s great about themselves! When you need look in the mirror, focus on the things you like, rather than those you don’t like. This shouldn’t just be about appearance either – you’re worth so much more than that. 

 Easy way to boost your self confidence is by treating yourself

 Treat yourself. Mother’s Day shouldn’t be the only day of the year that you receive a treat – there should be other times too! Book a theatre trip with a good friend, or a night out with your sister or brother. In short, give yourself something to look forward to, and get into the habit of doing so.  


 Get social. Socialising with others is a good way to improve self-confidence – it’s useful to know that people want to spend time with you! Rather than saying ‘no’ when you’re invited out, try to say ‘yes’ instead, even if they’re people you don’t know very well. Embrace the opportunity to make new friends. 
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