what would i change about my kitchen to make it my dream kitchen ?

This is a collaborative post with The plastic people.

When I first moved into my house I was happy to have any kitchen as long as it was my own. It’s after you have to live with that kitchen you realise what things you actually need. In order to make it the perfect kitchen.

What I would want in a kitchen

First of all I would like to have some sort of  acrylic sheet splash back to add a little bit of colour to my kitchen. Also to save my walls from the mess I make when I cook. I’m not the cleanest of cooks so sometimes it does end up all over the place. Also as I live in a new house the paint on the walls isn’t the best and is inclined to come off when wiped. So I have to be so careful when cleaning up my mess. Adding  splash backs to the walls would save all this hassle and make them easy to wipe.


colourfull splash bacls for the home

Having a dog and a child I am forever sweeping my floor. This may not seem like something that takes a lot of effort for most people. But when your juggling it between everything else life is throwing at you .Then it’s really one less thing I would like not to have to do . Now I have seen those tiny little hover sections you can put in the bottom of the cupboards. So you simply sweep all the mess to it and it collects it up . This may seem to most unnecessary but with a dog that malts enough fur each day to make a small wig I think It would be very necessary.

I would also love a dishwasher I hate washing up I can think of so many other things I would rather do. I would be more than happy to go and buy more plates and cutlery just so I had enough so I could use a dishwasher. Especially after you cook a roast dinner. Not that this happens a lot, but it takes me just as long to wash all the bits up than it did to make it. Also our draining board isn’t overly big so I never have enough space to fit everything in .Then I end up playing a game of tetris just to get it all on the draining board. I’m not alone on wanting a dishwasher according to Houzz kitchen trend study 2017-uk 82% of people in the uk that are renovating their kitchen are upgrading their dishwashers.

my dream kitchen

We also have a lot of cupboards in our kitchen that are particularly useless unless you have extra long arms. I would love some smart storage solutions like those cupboards that pull out or spin round they would be great. The amount of times I have found things shoved in a hard to reach place. Months after their use by dates.  In fact according to the Houzz kitchen trends survey uk in 2017 79% of people looked into new storage solutions so that they could make better use of the space they had.

If you could change anything about your kitchen what would it be ?
what would make it your dream kitchen ?

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