What do your dreams say about you ?  

This is a collaborative post with Adjustamatic . Who have been making adjustable beds and  riser recliner chairs in the uk for over 50 years .

Often people talk about dreams they had last night . Either they wish they could remember them or something strange happened in them involving people close to them .

Dreaming is a nightly phenomena that we all create of a night. We may be dreaming about our hopes and ambitions. It may be worth thinking more about what the dreams actually mean . They may say a lot about what is going on in our life . That are mind is acting out in our sleep to help us figure out certain situations.

What dreams do I have ?

How many of you have talked to a child about their dreams and they talk about monsters in them . Think about this monster may relate to something in their life . Something that they may be struggling with like starting a new school or something stopping them to achieve their goal .  By actually talking about our dreams we will be able to figure out what we need to do in our life to make things better .

I can remember two vivid dreams I have had In the past . The first of all would be my first tell-tale sign I was stressed . I would find my self falling rapidly off a mountain or just from the sky . This first started when I was doing my GCSE’s and has continued on into my  adult life . Now as soon as this dream occurs I think about what may be stressing me and how I can change it . Then the dreams stop !

The second I had whilst I was in my later stages of pregnancy . I would dream that I was in labour and couldn’t do it !. The baby was stuck and wouldn’t come out . On the surface I seemed really calm about labour but inside I was scared . I didn’t talk to anyone about it just let it eat me up in side. Leaving my worse fear to act out in my sleep . Maybe I knew something wasn’t right as I did have an emergency c-section .

I find this all really interesting and the more I look into It the more I want to analyse my dreams.

whether you fall asleep in your own bed or a adjustamatic rise recliner chair there’s always the chance of vivid dreams.

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  • Lisa

    My dreams are so crazy and random I think I probably need to be locked up in a safe place. I once dreamt I was being chased around the living room by a giant wooden pelican ( I do have a fear of birds). To be fair most of my strange dreams at the moment are connected to the book I’m reading, so not sure that counts.

    Thanks for sharing and do let us know if you follow up on your dream analysis #weekendblogshare x

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