Duvets for keeping warm and snuggled this winter

This is a collaborative post with Yorkshire linen

The winter is now upon us and its only going to get colder. I love this time of the year everything looks so pretty covered in frost in the mornings and dark winter nights snuggled up in front of the telly.


There is nothing better then at the end of a long day to get in your pj’s grab a big thick blanket and watch rubbish on telly. In the winter there always seems to be something on the telly that grabs my interest, but then I am one of those serial reality TV viewers.

Getting into a nice warm bed , is there anything better ?. Big thick duvets that keep you nice and snuggled. Duvets like these ones from the Yorkshire linen store. My personal favourite are duck feather duvets as they feel a little heavier on you and keep you snuggled up all night. When this is accompanied by clean or new sheets its a recipe for a good night sleep. That is if you don’t have a child that doesn’t sleep, like mine !.

Also as I have asthma I find the heating really dries my throat out in the winter months so tend not to put it on during the night. So a warm duvet is a must have.

I am a big fan of buying loads of different duvet covers ones for different times of the years .  A nice festive one around Christmas is awesome for getting you into that Christmas spirit.

We have only recently got a TV in our bedroom so I’m sure this year I will be having many a snuggled nights in bed watching telly.


What do you do to get all snuggled during the winter months ?

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