Fun Family Scooter Activities to Try

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Looking for something fun and healthy to do with the little ones? Scooters are fantastic fun and a great way to get some fresh air and exercise. What’s more, there are many brilliant ways to enjoy scooter which means that you and the kids will never get bored of them.

It is important to note that although good fun,a scooter can also be dangerous and it is vital that you and the kids take care whilst riding them. Additionally, you should only purchase scooters of the highest quality and invest in all the appropriate safety gear. You can also find scooters that are suitable for different ages, including toddlers scooters – these are much safer thanks to the use of two front wheels as opposed to one.

scooter fun with children

Here are a few fun family scooter activities to try:

Body Bowling

Set up bowling pins at the end of the room or in a large enough space outdoors and then ride the scooter down and attempt to knock down as many pins as possible.

Straight Race

A simple one but a classic, a simple race along a straight path is an easy way to have some fun and healthy competition.

Obstacle Course

Set up a course for the kids to scoot around. Have areas for them to ride between, objects to scoot around and objects to collect along the way. Instead of having them race (which can be dangerous), time their runs to see who is quicker and then see if they can beat their personal bests.

Push Off

Have the kids push off against a wall to see how far they can travel without a second push. The best way to do this is to have them sat down on the scooter facing the wall so that they can push off either with their hands or feet.


Take the kids somewhere that they can ride their scooters for a fun adventure and day out. Anywhere that there are long stretches of concrete are perfect, but be sure to stay safe and out the way of the public.

These are just a few fun scooter activities that the whole family can enjoy. The great thing about scooters is that they encourage the kids to play outside and enjoy fresh air, plus they can also be a good form of exercise. Provided that they are sensible, have safety equipment and know how to ride safely, this can be a terrific activity for kids of all ages.


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