Is gaming your guilty pleasure ?

I could literally spend hours online , before I had Ava that’s how I filled a lot of my time if I’m honest . Playing addictive games for hours on end.

I used to love playing those games where you had to pretend you were working in a burger place . People would come and order some food and you had to get their order ready. Sad I know but i loved it , I would even get stressed out when I didn’t compete a level and had to do it again. I’m not sure why i let it get to me so much but it really did used to wind me up. I think my love for this sort of game has steamed from playing the Sims as a kid. I used to love the Sims making them fall in love and making sure all their life bars were on green. It was so satisfying I would play it now I think if I had the time.

I also from time to time have played online bingo. Sites like Hunnie Bingo games would be my go to site. Don’t get me wrong I was never a big spender I would get scared putting more than £0.20p down but it was still a thrill . I can really see why people get addicted to that sort of online game.

I’m also one for downloading all these silly app games that are the most annoying games ever but you just cannot put them down. The most recent one I have been playing is Lines . This is where the you have to change the direction of a line to the music . Sounds easy right but this infuriates me also . It never moves when I want it to and when I don’t want it to move it’s wiggling all over the place.

Are there any online or app games that you just cannot put down ?

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