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We have been living in our house now for around 2 1/2 years . When we first brought the house it was just me and Jordan so three bedroom house was plenty big enough. We had our own room each, mine was a dressing room and Jordan had his man cave.

Since then we have introduced two dogs to our home and now Ava. So what was a spacious three bed house all of a sudden seems tight for space. I suppose it’s because we got used to having so much space for just the two of us. So when you add in all that you need for a little one it gets less roomy very quickly.

Not only have we started to out grow our home we have started to look for a school for Ava. She is not even one yet but we need to get the wheels in motion . In our area unless you live right on top of the school of your choice you’re not going to get in . So we have made the decision that in a years time we are going to put our house on the market.

In this next year we are planning on sprucing the place up so its more appealing to potential buyers.

To make your home more appealing to potential buyers you may want to
  • Declutter– get rid of the junk you have been keeping ” safe” on the kitchen table . remember sometimes less is more. Buyers like to see what they have to work with so they can envisage what there belongs would look like in your home. Be sure to keep the personality of your home so it doesn’t look like a generic room. People want to know that the house can be lived in.


  • Fresh lick of paint– This is the time to make sure all the walls look fresh get rid of that beautiful drawing your child drew on their bedroom wall. Are the colours in your home really working ? sometimes lightening the colour on the walls can make a room look 10x bigger. Have a look at the Dulux website they have a wide colour of paints to choose from .Remember before you do paint you will need the proper equipment, not only do you need brushes and rollers . You may want to think about overalls or protective clothing you can find these sorts of products along with rollers and brushes at  Engelbert Strauss.


  • Do the jobs you have been meaning to do – We all have those jobs that we really should do but keep putting them off . Have you promised the fix the shed or tighten the cupboard doors well this is the time to do it.

Hope fully these are helpful suggestions for you and hopefully I can follow them over the next 12 months ready to sell our home . keep your fingers crossed for us.

Have you sold your house before ? did you do anything to make it more appealing to potential buyers ?

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