Things need to change, bring back photo albums and going to see a family photographer


I remember when I was little we had loads of photo albums . I used to love looking through them and talking about what was happening . Remembering grandparents and family members who had passed . Keeping  their memories alive .

Photos need to be put back into the photo album

Nowadays all pictures are kept on our phones and laptops . How many times have you sat there and looked through them . I bet the answer is hardly ever unless you’re looking for something specific. What about if one day all those photos and memories were gone . What would you do then ?

When Ava was around 5 months old I broke the screen on my phone resulting in me having to get a new one after failed attempts to get It fixed . As I hadn’t backed my phone up I lost a whole chunk of photos from when Ava was little . I was so upset if only I had printed them out.  This is where technology can fail you and you should just stick to the old ways of doing things . Spending time on the weekend getting pictures developed and printed.

Getting your photo developed

The other thing I have noticed is how we don’t have many family photos . We have loads of pictures of me and Ava and Jordan and Ava but not many of all of us. This was another thing we used to do when I was younger . We used to have family photos . Not just our close family but also our extended family . I love to look back on these now especially as many of those people are no longer with us .

This really got me thinking. I want to make sure we have more family photos . Maybe even splash out a bit and go to a professional family photographer maybe once a year . Then have them in an album for Ava to look back on  when she gets older.

Do you have many family photos ?
When was the last time you printed photos  ?

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