Having a playroom may just save my sanity

This is a collaborative post.

For  those of you that are parents you will appreciate the need for a play room . A room which is completely child safe that you can pop them In for 5 minutes peace.

If your lucky this isn’t playroom will be downstairs where you can either sit in the front room and watch them from afar. Or it’s joined to your kitchen so you can drink your hot cup of tea and watch them entertain themselves.

Having a playroom

Sounds bliss doesn’t it . We went to great lengths to make a spare bedroom a playroom which I can honestly say has been used a handful of times . Mainly because it’s upstairs and we only use are upstairs when it’s bedtime . So it’s really a bit of a playroom fail it looks all pretty but no one ever plays in it . It’s more like a storage place for all of Ava’s toys. Which are kept beautifully in the Ikea units that every family household has. The trusted Ikea units where would we be without them.

I’m more than happy to add-on room maybe  a conservatory . I’m not sure of conservatory prices but I’m sure the money is justifiable. Especially if she ever gets into little Lego . Now that is a toy that only made for play rooms where children go . Stepping on those little Lego blocks isn’t fun.

I have noticed aswell that a lot of my friends use the playroom to store a lot of the things they bring home from nursery/school . You know the junkmodeling that looks nothing like a car but you have to nod along and tell your little one it’s the best car ever ! So maybe a playroom would come in handy for that.

With playroom on the mind I will finish this little rabble off with a video of Ava showing off her singing talents in Faye from Glossytots playroom enjoy !


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