heating a home

underfloor heating a must have or a luxury ?

This is a collaborative post

In the near future we are looking to move into our next home . Which will potentially be our forever home so I want it to be perfect. Big kitchen plenty of space just in case in the future we want to expand our family.


As this will be our forever home I want it to have extra special features. One thing I would love would be under floor heating !. Maybe not everywhere but in certain rooms I think it would be amazing. Especially on them cold winter mornings. The thought of getting out of bed to a already snuggle warm carpet is really appealing to me. You never know it may make getting up in the mornings a little bit more bearable.

I’m sure if you were to sell your house the underfloor heating would not only add a unique selling point, but potentially value to the property.


what do you think about it ? are you like me and think it would be amazing. Or is it just an unnecessary expense .

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