What do i need from a holiday now im a parent ?


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The last time I went on holiday was over 5 years ago now and was for my 21st birthday. Me and Jordan went to Zante in Greece. It was partially alcohol fuelled but we did have a good chill out too. I long for a holiday I need some sun on my skin. I know that my holidays are going to be different now I have kids. A holiday is a holiday right ! It wont be for a while. As the thought of taking a new-born aboard makes me want to cry. But it will happen I can tell you that for sure. There are however some things I would be wanting from a family holiday.

  • It would have to be a shortish flight so say maximum 4 hours .With a swift transfer from the airport to the hotel. I couldn’t think of anything worse than taking two children on a 9 hour flight. To then have to sit on a coach transfer for another hour or so.
  • child friendly so pools for the kids. Outdoor play areas maybe even a good kids club just incase it all gets too much and they need to be occupied by someone else. I don’t want to be in the midst of older couples having holidays that constantly tut at us for having screaming children.
  • All inclusive now Ava likes to eat a lot.If her brother is anything like her then it will cost us a lot in food if we don’t go all-inclusive. This would have to include all-inclusive ice cream as what children don’t like eating lots of ice cream.ice-cream-and-holiday
  • Close to shops and the beach. The hotel would have to be near local amenities. There are going to be times where we may need to run to a shop so they need to be close. Also the beach would need to be close as it can take long enough to get kids ready and out without a long commute to the beach to deal with.


  • Reasonably priced. As I’m heading into my second lot of maternity leave there isn’t going to be a great deal of spare cash around. This means its going to take a while to save for this holiday. So I need it to be reasonably priced. We need to take full advantage of being able to go out of school holidays .So looking for the term time discount holidays is a must !
What would you say is a must for a family holiday ?




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