It’s easy to take things for granted 

This is a collaborative post with Flogas. 

It’s all to easy to take things for granted , especially in today’s society , but have you ever sat there and wondered what life would be like without certain things . It could be anything from electronics that make our everyday life easier . To something much simpler like gas .

Well I have been thinking about this recently and what I would do if for some reason we had no gas .

In our house we still have a gas hob . So cooking without the gas hob would be very hard . Some homes still have a gas cookers . What would you even do to make food . I’m sure you could get an electric appliance to cook but is that going to be more expensive to run ?.


The biggest thing for me is the heating . Without gas we wouldn’t have any central heating . With the winter days coming ever closer this is something I would hate . I’m that person when as soon as it gets cold puts the heating on. I sometimes will even have the heating on and a blanket ! . What did people do before central heating . For me to be as warm as I am with central heating I would have to wear a stupid amount of layers .

As we live in a new home we don’t have a fireplace . So rely purely on central heating to provide heat to our home in the winter months .


Even taking a hot shower would be no longer . Imagine having to boil the kettle to fill the bath up so it was warm . Gosh I would have been no good back in olden times .

Having a gas supply in your house can be costly especially in the winter , but it doesn’t have to be . There are many companies out there offering competitive rates . Gas from Flogas is one of these companies you could switch and save . Defiantly worth taking a look at .

I suppose we have to think about the little things in life and make sure we don’t take them for granted . One day we may be without them !.

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