Keeping children away from e-cigarettes

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How To Keep Your Kids From Using Electronic Cigarettes

Usage of electronic cigarettes and other vaping devices is becoming a widely popular trend among teenagers these days and other claims it to have become a mainstream phenomenon. According to Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association, 4 million people use different kinds of vaping devices on a daily basis in the US alone. The electronic cigarette industry which is worth £2.5 billion has seen a tremendous growth over the last decade. You can get an idea of how e-cigs have become a part of the popular culture that a £150 vaping device was added in the Oscar gift bags this year for the famous actors.

Like anything else, vaping (usage of electronic devices) is also surrounded by a lot of controversies. Parents from Saskatchewan, Canada received warning letters for letting their kids bring e-cigs to the school. Vaping by the students inside and nearby the school’s premise can result in suspension and deal exactly like smoking regular tobacco cigarettes. École Massey School in Regina, Saskatchewan warned the parents of their their elementary and middle school students with a notice stating, “The type of vaporizer that is readily available to students are fruit flavored vaporizers, Although these vaporizers are recommended only for adults, they are available and sold to our young students. Please have a discussion with your children about this new rule and the possible health consequences of these vaporizers.”

Another factor that revolving e-cig usage that has become a parental concern is that most vaping devices can be easily bought off the internet. Most of the online e-cigs aren’t age-restricted and even students from 8th grade can easily access the online market. A research was carried out by the University of Carolina in which 98 of the teenagers who ordered vaping devices online, 75 were successfully in making a purchase. There are more than 500 e-cigs brands and over 8,000 e-liquid flavors available in the market today and one can just imagine the parents struggling with keeping their kids away from all the available sources out there.

Below are some effective steps that you can take to keep your kids away from vaping devices.

Have a talk about e-cig usage: Most kids buy electronic cigarettes just because they’re curious about the different chocolate and fruity flavored e-liquids and there is a chance they might be relating these devices for something made for kids because of the colorful packaging of e-liquid containers that also sometimes feature cartoon characters. It is important to tell them that these devices are for adults and kids are to stay away from these.
Keep all Vaping products out of their reach: Primary and middle school students, who managed to bring vaping devices to their school as discussed above, took their parent’s devices along with them. It is very important to keep all different types of vaping products away from the reach of children so they cannot use it or take it to their school. Moreover, most e-liquids contain high levels of nicotine in them which can be very dangerous, even fatal, if consumed by a kid. Even you keep your e-cig around make sure that you have the device that features a child lock. Make sure that all of your vaping equipment is kept on some high shelf, where underage kids cannot reach or see it.
Don’t vape around impressionable kids: Just like smoking, it is important not to use an e-cig around your kids. If you are using e-cigs as an alternative to smoking and dealing with your nicotine addiction then it is important that you let your kids know the consequences of addiction and how these devices are just a helpful material for quitting the habit of smoking altogether.

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