Keeping the children entertained

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The days when children weren’t invited to big family events like weddings are no longer. Children now are included in the day . I know many people who have chosen to ask children to be things like bridesmaids or page boys. Not only does it give them a role to play it also keeps them entertained throughout the day.


Having a child myself I find it realty odd when people say that children are not invited to a wedding . I understand its personal preference and most of the time comes down to cost .To me children make a wedding watching them on the dance floor when no one else will dare to go on it, busting their best dance moves. I remember at my brothers wedding one of the children was trying to join in with the speeches . This was hilarious and one of my biggest memories from the day.

Also popping up at many weddings are entertainment ideas like photo booths. They are a great way to capture a moment and keep it for ever . Equipped with all the props to really make a fool of yourself. It’s always funny when you see your Nan in a bright pink wig and big sunglasses. Most of the time these are purchased to keep the children entertained, but are then taken over by the adults. If I’m honest I cannot remember the last time I went to a party and there wasn’t a photo booth of some sorts there.


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  1. I completely agree- children make a wedding for me too and I had about 30 at mine. I love seeing them run around and knee slide across the dance floor in their smart outfits!! Thanks for joining the #weekendblogshare

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