Keeping the kids entertained -How do you do it ?

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Keeping the kids entertained can be a nightmare. You either end up spending a fortune taking them to places or they destroy your house . With toys on every inch of the carpet. 

Keeping the kids entertained

This is just the start of it

I didn’t quite understand how hard it was to keep a little one entertained until I had my own . Ava loves to be out and about she thrives of seeing and talking  to people . Even if she doesn’t know them and they don’t partially want to talk to her . If we stay in the house all day she becomes such a handful . Pestering the dog constantly and just throwing strop left right and centre. Who ever said this behaviour starts at 2 is so wrong the terrible two’s have started so much earlier than 2 in our house.

I like Ava to experience things to create memories. Memories that she can think back on when she is older. Things that will stay with her for a lifetime. This doesn’t always come cheap though. I’m dreading the day when I have to start paying for her at places . I loved soft play until she turned one then I had to pay £3+ for her to play for all of 15 minutes then try to escape.

Keeping the kids entertained

*Bad Mom alert * I do sometime just put something on the Telly to keep her entertained. Just so I can make the house look more respectable. Or if I’m being honest so I can have 10 minuites peace . Ava’s one of those kids that gets so engrossed with what’s on the telly she won’t take her eyes of it . I don’t do it all the time but sometimes the telly can be my best friend.

I can see as Ava gets older it’s going to get more expensive and harder to keep her entertained. Rattan Direct have put together a short survey which they would love you to fill in .It’s all about how you keep your children entertained.

I would love to know what cheap or low-cost ways you have to keep your children entertained.


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