Keeping the cost of Christmas down

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Before we know it Christmas would of come and gone. Normally the finical debt is around a lot longer than the Christmas period is . I try so hard to save money when it comes to Christmas . Not because I’m a cheap skate just because it can get silly and out of hand . Before you know it you have run up huge amounts of debt and your child will play in the cardboard box the stuff came in and discard the toy !

So I thought I would share with you my ways to keep the cost down over the festive period.

Look in the sales

I started my Christmas shopping months ago and I have got myself some right bargains. From toys to clothes it’s really worth watching when the big shops have their sales on . My favourite sale for sure is the Sainsbury’s toy sale I got the majority of Ava’s presents from there last year for the fraction of the price.

Coupons or Freebies

keeping the cost down on Christmas

Stocking fillers can turn out to be pretty expensive at times so I tend to keep a look on coupon sites or Freebie site. Don’t be fooled just because it’s free doesn’t mean it’s horrid stuff you can get some cool Bits. Which make perfect stocking fillers. One of my personal favourite sites is gratisfaction for free samples.

Cut down

Over the last few years we have really cut down on who we buy presents for . Mainly because it was getting so hard to buy them something different each year . Also not just buying them something for the sake of it.Many people we buy for a part from our parents and a few family members have kids . So I would much rather spend that little extra on the kids so they can have something they actually like.

Don’t feel like you have to buy Betty down the road something just because you have done for years. I’m sure she won’t mind and if she does then stuff her !

I was a little nervous telling some of my family and friends that we weren’t buying for them anymore. I really don’t know what I was worried about though as most of the time I saw the sigh of relief on their face that they too didn’t have to buy something. The fact is if they are true family and friends they will understand.

buying Christmas presents

Take full advantage of the kids

Get yourself on Pinterest and get some ideas of things the kids can make. Grandparents love crafts so why not make them a keepsake for Christmas. Granted this will only work until a certain age but whilst you can take full advantage of it.

We have a local craft shop by us and it comes in so handy for this sort of thing I’m always taking Ava there to make things for people .

making things for yourself this christmas


Also what family member doesn’t like a professional photo of your little one. We’re jumping on that bandwagon this year and everyone is getting them !

Save all year around

Many people me included have a little panic when it comes to Christmas as I think how the hell am I going to find the money for that . Well if I was a little bit more like my mom ( as if I’m admitting that ) I would have put money aside each month for Christmas. Meaning I don’t have to worry . It doesn’t have to be a lot could be £5/£10 a month but it adds up. If I’m being completely honest I waste more than £5 a month on rubbish food I really don’t need so saving that money should be easy.

Collect all the supermarket reward points

We have both Nectar and Tesco cards and without really noticing you can accumulate a good amount of money on them. You can then use those points to buy food for Christmas, gifts , decorations what ever it is you need . It’s like free money it’s amazing I love paying with my points !

What are the best ways you have found to save money for the Christmas period ?

Christmas can be an expensive time of the year but it doesnt have to be. take a look at how i keep the cost down


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