Reasons Why Luxury Vinyl Dominates the Flooring Market

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Interior designers point to luxury vinyl flooring as the number one choice to replace real hardwood or stone flooring designs, and it is hard to argue against the fact that it is a superior solution.

Many people are aware of the benefits vinyl has over its real-life competition, but some are not fully aware of the underlying benefits also. To fine line them, here is a short breakdown of some of the finer qualities that make it the favourite for those seeking home improvement.


As the budget towards any improvement is always the thing on your mind when sourcing flooring for the home, Luvantoluxury vinyl flooring does not immediately spring to mind as a viable solution.

As a vastly affordable alternative to hardwood and laminate, vinyl flooring brings unparalleled quality in design at a cheaper price. What is better is that this is a price that lasts as long as your floor, with vinyl being among the most durable products on the market today.

Luxury vinyl


With years of manufacturing from robust materials, Luvanto was built not just with a home in mind but also in commercial environments.

This consideration resulted in the manufacture of a product that withstands heavy foot traffic in extreme conditions, meaning that it can last longer in the home and fight even the most extreme conditions such as moisture and heat. Manufacturers also put years into perfecting the protective qualities such as slip, stain and scratch resistance, enabling it to fit perfectly for any style of room from kitchens to bathrooms to bedrooms.

Feel and Sound

Unlike other flooring options, luxury vinyl flooring is a perfect partner for underfloor heating whilst providing a thick layer to give real comfort underfoot. By having a product that is resistant to splitting or warping from increased heat, vinyl is considered the best insulator. 

Every vinyl brand provides added benefits such as a wear layer that gives a quieter step. As the thickness of the vinyl increases the sound becomes further subdued, so in rooms, with heavy foot traffic, a common occurrence can provide silence and not disturb anyone else in the house.


Style is a major part of why you would choose LVT over most, with a perfectly replicated design between woods, stones, slates or even ceramics without the downsides.

Luxury vinyl

The appeal to have solid hardwood floors and stone designs are always about the look, so it makes sense to have the same look much cheaper and for much longer.

These are just a few of the many benefits that Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring provides. Consult with an expert to discover just how far your flooring can go through vinyl flooring.

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