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Where ever I can I like to save money . Saving money on things like house bills and the home means we have more money for days out. More money to make special memories with my family . I thought I would share my top 5 money-saving tips and hopefully they help you and you may even have some
Ideas to pass onto me.

Nothing goes to waste

Left overs don’t need to go in the bin , pop them in a container to cool down. Then put them in the freezer for another day.

I’m rubbish at guessing how much pasta we need so we do this regularly and they make great quick meals for Ava on the days where we are rushing . Plus I don’t feel rubbish giving her junk food . A few mins in the microwave and job done .

Save money
Please remember when re heating food that it is piping hot all the way through before dishing up.

Make sure your home is energy-efficient

Have you got an old boiler that is in fact costing you more to run then it should be ? By making sure your home is energy efficient you could save your self £££’s. Not sure how to find out if your old boiler is costing you money then take the HomeServe Heating test to find out.

Are you on the correct tariff ?

Most people get their monthly bills and just pay it without thinking . But when was the last time you sat down and had a look at your bills . Have they increased ? Are you on the best tariff for your usage.

We regularly call up our gas and electric provider and make sure we’re getting the best possible deal. To which sometimes they say no and alter it.

Make sure to shop around

Now this goes for everything look around before you buy. Even if you save yourself a few pounds , those few pounds add up . Meaning you have more money for other things.

The biggest outgoing for most families after utilities is food shopping . All to easily you can get in a bit of a buying rut buying the same things each month . These product may actually be costing you a lot when there are cheaper alternatives that are exactly the same on the market. So be smart look at both the branded and non branded items and see what is the best deal for you.

Many food shops now offer reward schemes take full advantage of these . Don’t be worries about joining more than one . The points soon add up and you can use them at a later date to buy things , have days out by converting your points or simply treat yourself with these points every now and again.

We have also taken to doing our shopping online as we know exactly what we want and don’t stray away from this . Shopping online means those tempting end of isle promotions don’t draw you in.

Check your subscriptions

At one point we were subscribed to everything Netflix, Amazon TV and also had a sky package. Each month we would pay for them all and not use any of them to their full potential . So we decided to make a point of looking at which one we used the most over a month. The ones we didn’t use as much we cancelled and to be honest we haven’t missed them at all.

Save money

There are some of my money-saving tips. What are your best ways to Save money ?

Running a house can be costly but there are some things you can do to reduce your outgoing . Here are my top ways you could save some money easily #money #savings #moneysaving #tips #forfamilies #budget #monthly #personalfinance #

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