Is moving house too costly

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We have been in our house now for just over two years. when we first moved in it felt so big being a 3 bedroom house and only two of us. We were spoilt had a dressing room each , I mean how amazing Is that. Then we got a dog, her things took up a little of our front room and some space in the kitchen cupboards but we still had plenty of room . Then we found out we were going to have a baby !. Well I underestimated how much stuff one little baby will need or in fact not need but we buy her anyway.


With our growing family and our house feeling a little cramped we have decided to look for houses so we can gage how much we would need to save and what is out there in our price range.

The other reason why we wanted to move was so we had somewhere nice to walk Kya instead of on a estate and also where there are nice school for Ava to attend in the future. The thought of moving with a little one and a dog does slightly make me feel nervous. The amount of things we own is silly. So organising all of that to be moved without the dog trying to chew the box’s or Ava taking it back out does worry me a little. The added cost which I am completely unsure of what that may be this time of hiring removals. Where as when we moved into our house we live in now we moved things from our parents house via car and just got all out new furniture to be delivered to our new address.

Since we have brought a house before we are aware of some of the costs. Things like conveyancing fees and reports so this wasn’t a big shock when we started to look into it. I did find the cost of moving house calculator by really useful . As it shows you what fees you should expect to be paying out. It then gives you the option to go further into it a compare different reputable companies for the things you may need . This is awesome as who really knows off the top of their head a company that is recommended for conveyancing fees ( I didn’t ). It saved me a lot of time searching the internet and not getting anywhere as I didn’t trust random people I found online.


loanshown above is the four different comparisons that the moving calculator found me on and I particularly liked the fact that they had a star rating for the business. you can click on each one to see a full breakdown of what they offer and each individual pricing which i love as i like to know where my money is going. What i could clearly see is that the first time we moved house we over paid by a great deal. i found we could make saving of at least £300 which is amazing. This would be so handy for first time buyers that are unsure of what they are doing and just go with the flow like we did. Or like me people that don’t really underdtand whats addional fees there may be.

Thinking of moving house but put off by the cost. It doesnt have to be so expensive #movinghouse #money #cost #home

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