Top 5 things we want from a new house

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Just before Christmas we put our house on the market . The house were in now is our first home . We have had two dogs , two children and got engaged all in this house . As our family is growing the house is getting a little tight for space. So a new house is a must . Space is getting a little tight and if you have kids. You will know how much stuff they have .

I told myself I wouldn’t look at new houses until we had an offer on ours . But I just cannot help myself ! There are a few things I want from a new house and a lot of the houses are just aren’t quite cutting it .

So I thought it would be good to note down what I actually wanted to get a clear image in my head . Also I thought it would be interesting to see what you think is a must have when it comes to houses.


Most importantly we are in need of space . I’m fed up of having to wade my way through a sea of toys just to get to the kitchen . Ideally I would love a play room with doors. So I could shut it all away when they go to bed and not have to see it. Every corner of my front room has something child related. Plus I have found as they get older the toys get bigger . So with two kids i need it out my way .

Fake grass

fake grass in our new house please

Now this may seem an odd one and one I know we would have to alter ourself once we brought a house . We have a dog as you have probably of seen . Kya loves nothing more than having a crazy moment running round and round the garden . Picking up mud on her paws and usually runs it straight into the house . This is a big cause of stress for me . If we had fake grass then this wouldn’t happen ! Plus I have read it’s so much easier to pick up dog mess from fake grass . Also if you cannot get it all up you can wash it away with water . Which sound great to me . Don’t worry you won’t see me hovering it like I have seen some people do.

Utility room

At the moment we have the washing machine in the kitchen . We then have to find free space somewhere to put the airer up normally in Alby’s room as he doesn’t sleep in there yet . So I would love a space dedicated to washing which I too can close the door on . So I don’t have to see the ironing that I need to do. Maybe even a tumble dryer in there ! I don’t have one and sometimes I really wish I did . Especially when it comes to washing the bedding . It takes for ever to dry and I just have nowhere to dry it . Maybe that’s the reason why I have so many different bedding sets for all our beds.


family garden in new house

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