New Year’s Eve celebrations in Manchester

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New Year’s Eve is a time to reflect back on the year that’s gone by and think forward to the next year . For me it’s not a time to make resolutions as I have enough on my plate to remember . It’s more about remembering all the good and hard times through the year and how I dealt with them.

Some of my positives for this year is working better as a team with my partner. We’ve communicated better this year which has meant we are less frustrated with each other. Our parenting skills have progressed as we are communicating and it just makes for a happier home.

My children are smashing it at school. My youngest Alby has grown so much in confidence and I can hand on heart say that is because of one teacher. A teacher that takes time to listen to him. Rememberers all the things he shares with her and has had such a positive impact on his life.

My daughter being nearly 8 is coming into a time in her life where friendships become harder. Mainly because girls are girls and she always tries to do her best . She stands up for things that are right and will tell others when their actions aren’t the best. However her confidence in knowing what is right is amazing. Even if it’s close friends she will tell them and I wish this was a skill I had as a child. It takes most adults their whole lives to master this skill.

However now the children are older and can stay up to see the new year in . We can look at going out and enjoying ourselves as a family or maybe even better get the Nanny in to baby sit and enjoy a child free night out .

New years for us for the last 8 years have been spent at home. Most of them falling asleep on the sofa and waking just in time to say happy new year then going up to bed. There are some fantastic New years events in Manchester that look amazing. Like a 90’s night at the Albert hall ! This is something that is right up my street.

Whatever you do this New Year’s Eve I would just say don’t put pressure on yourself to have the best night ever. The best nights are the ones that you just enjoy , be with the people closest to you. If they include a few tequila rose then that’s even better.

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