Pregnancy- a true account of what it is like being pregnant

Being pregnant is a hard time in any women’s life . It doesn’t matter if you have the easiest of pregnancies something will happen and you will think wow I wasn’t expecting that or this really isn’t fun.

Morning sickness is vile and it’s not just in the morning it’s something that can happen all day. Or if your lucky like me can even wake you of a night. Thankfully once I hit the 20 week point my morning sickness subsided. But I’m sorry to say this isn’t the fact for everyone. As I have known women to have morning sickness right up until they give birth.

Your ever-expanding waist line makes the simplest of things really hard . Like putting your shoes on can become a challenge . This is when slip on shoes become your best friend. Or if you have someone nice around you that will help you may be able wear some Lace up shoes. Don’t even think about shaving your legs as you won’t be able to bend down further enough to reach them.

At certain points through my pregnancy I found my skin was really tight and sore.Once your skin stretches and baby gets into a comfortable position it does ease off.

No alcohol or certain foods if your mother of a child already you will know how hard this is . Getting to Friday is an achievement and one which sometimes needs to be celebrated with a glass of wine but no your pregnant so that’s no longer an option .

You will need to wee literally all day long . No longer can you think I might be able to make it . No you will go before every journey ,after every drink . It’s like toilet training a toddler again you will be in and out of the toilet all day long . You will know where every toilet is in your favourite places .If your unlucky you may even lose all control at all and have little accidents later on in your pregnancy.

Struggling to sleep I have had nights where my body is completely exhausted but for the life of me I cannot sleep. I have tried everything going to bed earlier, having a hot drink , making sure I’m comfortable . But no nothing works and it really annoys me as half the time I’m awake even before Ava . This is something no parent should do ! Especially a pregnant tires hormonal one !

If that’s not enough you may even need to seek treatment advice for Bacterial vaginosis, piles, swollen ankles or sore nipples.

Even things like your sight and hearing can change . My eye sight has changed so much since being pregnant. I now have to wear my glasses more and more . My hearing capabilities have changed I’m not sure if this is pregnancy related but it all came about at the same time. I’ve even been to the doctors to have my ears checked and he said I may need to have some ear wax removed to see if that helped with my hearing. Auris Ear Care. make appointments like this so easy as they have same day appointments available which for me is fantastic.

I suppose all you have to think about is that it will all worth it. At the end of the 9 months you will have a new bundle of joy to have forever. At the moment I cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel I’m just in a tired uncomfortable haze.

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